Take Part in a World Record tandem skydive!

Take Part in a Guiness World Record tandem skydive in Devon.
The most tandem skydives from the Ultimate height of 15,000 feet above the sea level!
This Guiness World record tandem skydive will be taking part at the parachute centre in Devon which is not far from Honiton, Exeter and Taunton.

This has never been done before! Take part in a unique Guinness World Record for the most tandem skydives in 24 hours from the ULTIMATE height 15000 Feet above the sea level (Flight level 150). This is the first time in the world anyone will attempt this record where the height is stipulated.

Skydive Buzz Ltd will hold the Record for the most tandem skydives from FL 150 on the 20th of June 2016. This day is chosen because it is the longest day of 2016 and will provide the most daylight for getting the record. We are looking for 450 brave fundraisers to jump in tandem over a 24 hour period.

For their World record tandem skydive Skydive Buzz will operate three Beech 99 aeroplanes; some of the rarest aircraft in the world. They are the biggest, fastest and most comfortable jump planes in Europe, making FL150 incredibly unusual and allows for 60 seconds of freefall. We can only jump during daylight hours, but with the three fastest jump-planes on hand and the best tandem instructors around; we have the ideal combination needed to set a new record and get in the iconic book.

Click and Jump are proud to be invited to get involved with this amazing world record tandem skydive event, we are pleased to join with Skydive Buzz Ltd. to boost awareness and funds for the charities who have signed up with both organisations. It is estimated that over £70,000 will be raised for charities at this one-day tandem skydiving event, so get involved and raise money for your chosen charity.

The majority of the charities that Click and Jump work with support their fundraisers by allowing them to use some of their fundraising money to pay for part of their jump costs.

charity skydive jump free fall epicThis amazing opportunity will cost £250. – the price usually paid for a skydive form 11,000ft.

To book your space you will need to pay the full £250 or a £50 non-refundable booking fee.

If you would like to use fundraising to pay for the balance of your jump; £200 you will need to raise a minimum of £500 sponsorship money by 20 May 2016. The balance of your jump will the be paid to the parachute centre on your behalf.

If you do not reach your fundraising target or if you wish to pay for your own balance you can do this to Click and Jump before 20 May 2016.

Would you like to be a part of this day? By doing so, you will have an amazing opportunity to be an official Guinness World Record holder!

Skydive Buzz Ltd. are experienced in organising big events like this. In 2014 they achieved the Guinness World Record for the most tandems in 24 hours when they jumped 281 tandems. Since then the record has been broken, from much lower jump height. This is why they are attempting to make a new record where the jumping height is paramount. You are promised the highest jump possible without an oxygen supply jumping from Flight level 150.

To book this amazing opportunity contact the Click and Jump team by calling 0845 608 8844 Monday-Friday 9.15am-12 noon.