Can I jump

Skydive restrictions – Can I Jump?

So you have looked into skydiving but you are still asking the question Can I Jump?  What are the restrictions?

As you imagine yes there are restrictions when it comes to completing a tandem skydive but what are they and do they apply to you?

Quick Look – Can I Jump?

  • Age: 16 – unlimited subject to health*  If under 18 you will need parental consent 
  • BPA Fitness forms: Please read the form 115a BPA Tandem Student Medical Information & Declaration if you are unable to sign the form due to medical conditions, injuries or disabilities please have the form 115b Tandem Student Parachutists Doctors Medical signed by your doctor preferably BEFORE booking.
  • Weight and Height: Weight and Height must be in proportion*. The maximum weight for a tandemwith BPS Langar is 15 stone for someone up to 6′. For someone under 5’7 you should be below 13st*.
  • Disabilities: The team will assess people with disabilities to decide if it is safe to jump with them.  If you have a disability. You must have the declaration of fitness signed and stamped by a doctor and contact Click and Jump to arrange an assessment before booking.


In more detail

Age – SkydivingIMG_0907 carries a minimum age limit of 16 years.  Participants between the ages of 16 and 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign the parental consent section on the membership form and witness the declaration of fitness.  For tandem skydives, there is no upper age limit, subject to health.

For the Static Line and Accelerated Free fall (AFF) courses, the upper age limit is 55 years although some centres set the limit at age 50.

BPA Fitness forms Tandem skydiving – All tandem jumpers are required to sign a Form 115a BPA Tandem Student Medical Information & Declaration .

Those unable to sign the form due to medical conditions, injuries or disabilities must bring a copy of the Form 115b Tandem Student Parachutists Doctors Medical ***

Customer notice: Our governing body the British Parachute Association (BPA) has recently changed the regulations regarding fitness forms for Tandem skydives.  From April 2016 two BPA Fitness forms 115a & b have replaced the previous form 115 and the mandatory requirement for doctors medicals for age 40+ has been removed.  Customers who have already had the old form 115 will still be accepted and do not need to replace this form. 

Medical conditions and notes – please read carefully

Certain medical conditions (for example, epilepsy, some cardiovascular and neurological conditions and some forms of diabetes) or recurring injuries (for example, recurring dislocations) may prevent you from participating in a skydiving course. If you are in any doubt, please contact us or consult your doctor.Red devil skydive parachute jump peace

***We recommend that you read the form 115a before you book, if you are unable to sign then ask your doctor to sign and stamp the declaration form 115b before you reserve your skydive place;  your reservation/booking fee is non refundable.

Weight/Height – For safety reasons there are weight restrictions to do a skydive, these vary from centre to centre.  The average maximum weight limit is approximately 15 stone and maximum height is 6’2”  As a rough guide if you are 5’7 or lower your maximum weight would be around 13 stone.  It is important that you have a basic level of fitness and your weight should be proportional to your height, as a solo parachute student there is a table of suggested BMI scores on the declaration of fitness, these need to be adhered to.  You can view a tandem weight to height ratio table on our website

Fitness – To do a tandem you must be able to independently lift your legs up to chest height when sat with your bottom on the floor, you can have your back to a wall.  If you cannot do this your instructor may decide that it is not safe for you to jump.

Disabilities – Many disabled people have safely completed tandem skydives over the years, however, this does depend on the type/level of the disability; If you have a disability please call Click and Jump on 0845 608 8844 to discuss the options available on an individual basis.  Do not book a jump without discussing your disability first.

If you do not declare a disability or condition and it is discovered on the day you may forfeit your skydive.

What level of insurance is included in my fee?

All participants will be covered by British Parachute Association third party liability insurance which is included in the cost of your jump.  However, if you wish to take out additional personal accident insurance, there are a number of one jump policies available, and are both examples. Please select/enter your ‘drop zone/agent’ as ‘Click and Jump’ when applying, this ensures the policy is set up on the correct basis. Any money received by Click and Jump as commission for insurance sales will be given to one of the worthy causes supported by B1G1.