Can I jump

Skydive restrictions – Can I Jump?

So you have looked into skydiving but you are still asking the question Can I Jump?  What are the restrictions?

As you imagine yes there are restrictions when it comes to completing a tandem skydive but what are they and do they apply to you?

Quick Look – Can I Jump?

  • Age: 16 – unlimited subject to health*  If under 18 you will need parental consent 
  • BPA Fitness forms: Please read the form 115a BPA Tandem Student Medical Information & Declaration if you are unable to sign the form due to medical conditions, injuries or disabilities please have the form 115b Tandem Student Parachutists Doctors Medical signed by your doctor preferably BEFORE booking.
  • Weight and Height: Weight and Height must be in proportion*. The maximum weight for a tandemwith BPS Langar is 15 stone for someone up to 6′. For someone under 5’7 you should be below 13st*.
  • Disabilities: The team will assess people with disabilities to decide if it is safe to jump with them.  If you have a disability. You must have the declaration of fitness signed and stamped by a doctor and contact Click and Jump to arrange an assessment before booking.


In more detail

Age – SkydivingIMG_0907 carries a minimum age limit of 16 years.  Participants between the ages of 16 and 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign the parental consent section on the membership form and witness the declaration of fitness.  For tandem skydives, there is no upper age limit, subject to health.

For the Static Line and Accelerated Free fall (AFF) courses, the upper age limit is 55 years although some centres set the limit at age 50.

BPA Fitness forms Tandem skydiving – All tandem jumpers are required to sign a Form 115a BPA Tandem Student Medical Information & Declaration .

Those unable to sign the form due to medical conditions, injuries or disabilities must bring a copy of the Form 115b Tandem Student Parachutists Doctors Medical ***

Customer notice: Our governing body the British Parachute Association (BPA) has recently changed the regulations regarding fitness forms for Tandem skydives.  From April 2016 two BPA Fitness forms 115a & b have replaced the previous form 115 and the mandatory requirement for doctors medicals for age 40+ has been removed.  Customers who have already had the old form 115 will still be accepted and do not need to replace this form. 

Medical conditions and notes – please read carefully

Certain medical conditions (for example, epilepsy, some cardiovascular and neurological conditions and some forms of diabetes) or recurring injuries (for example, recurring dislocations) may prevent you from participating in a skydiving course. If you are in any doubt, please contact us or consult your doctor.Red devil skydive parachute jump peace

***We recommend that you read the form 115a before you book, if you are unable to sign then ask your doctor to sign and stamp the declaration form 115b before you reserve your skydive place;  your reservation/booking fee is non refundable.

Weight/Height – For safety reasons there are weight restrictions to do a skydive, these vary from centre to centre.  The average maximum weight limit is approximately 15 stone and maximum height is 6’2”  As a rough guide if you are 5’7 or lower your maximum weight would be around 13 stone.  It is important that you have a basic level of fitness and your weight should be proportional to your height, as a solo parachute student there is a table of suggested BMI scores on the declaration of fitness, these need to be adhered to.  You can view a tandem weight to height ratio table on our website

Fitness – To do a tandem you must be able to independently lift your legs up to chest height when sat with your bottom on the floor, you can have your back to a wall.  If you cannot do this your instructor may decide that it is not safe for you to jump.

Disabilities – Many disabled people have safely completed tandem skydives over the years, however, this does depend on the type/level of the disability; If you have a disability please call Click and Jump on 0845 608 8844 to discuss the options available on an individual basis.  Do not book a jump without discussing your disability first.

If you do not declare a disability or condition and it is discovered on the day you may forfeit your skydive.

What level of insurance is included in my fee?

All participants will be covered by British Parachute Association third party liability insurance which is included in the cost of your jump.  However, if you wish to take out additional personal accident insurance, there are a number of one jump policies available, and are both examples. Please select/enter your ‘drop zone/agent’ as ‘Click and Jump’ when applying, this ensures the policy is set up on the correct basis. Any money received by Click and Jump as commission for insurance sales will be given to one of the worthy causes supported by B1G1.

Good weather for a skydive

How will the weather effect my skydive?

The weather is one of the few things that in life we cannot control, unfortunately it is a major factor when it comes to skydiving.   WHY and HOW?

The British Parachute Association (BPA) have set out some rules for the parachute centres in the UK (all of whom are affiliated with the BPA and therefore abide by their rules)

1. Visibility:  To exit an aircraft you must be able to see the ground – importantly the landing area of the drop zone.

2. Wind speed: Due to speeds that the parachutes can operate and how wind speed effects landing of parachutes the maximum wind speed that the BPA allow for safe parachuting is 20 knots. This includes gusts – which are usually unpredictable. If the wind ever goes above 20 knots then we must wait 20mins to monitor and if it goes over again the clock starts again and we must wait another 20 minutes.

This means that yes you can jump if it is cloudy with spaces, very high cloud above exit height or very thin layers that you can see through – but if the cloud is low and thick, without gaps then this would be deemed unsafe. Having gone through big black clouds I can assure you this is both very unpleasant and a little scary. The big black clouds are usually full of ice/water and if you imagine how one drawers a rain drop – spike bit upwards falling onto spikey bits of ice is not particularly comfortable! With regards to wind, speeding along under a parachute at 40 knots is quite exhilarating but trying to land a parachute in those conditions is potentially dangerous, and maximises the risk of injury. Yes you can jump in rain – however I refer you back to the shape of raindrops, and the cloud cover that brings rain…. Not nice!

3.Safety: All the above comes under safety in fact everything in skydiving is about safety but I felt the need to list it! If the weather is unpredictable, there have been warnings or the aircraft is being effected by the weather the drop zones in the UK will always er on the side of caution!  It is not just your safety at risk but anyone jumping with you besides the paperwork for anything other than a happy successful skydive is horrific!

In the UK the weather can change within hours, one minute it can be raining cats and dogs and the next it is blazing sunshine with not a cloud in site.  This is why when you book your jump we try to ensure that you are prepared to be at the drop zone the whole day.  It is rare that a drop zone will cancel you, unless the forecast is so awful they know that you will not jump.  If you are unsure you are welcome to call the drop zone the day before however:

Do remember skydivers are forever optimists about the weather, we have all sat hopefully at a drop zone all day watching the sky looking for that blue patch that we could just give a try….

website updates and improvements

Hi there! We are currently making some updates and improvements to the website.  This may (hopefully not!) effect a couple of the pages as they are updated so if you are unable to access the information you need or any of the booking forms are not working do not hesitate to call us at the office on 0845 608884 or email us.  Our office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9.15-12.30 Wednesday 9.15-16.30. If these times are not convenient for you do email with a time that is and if we can we will try to call you back at that time.

Thank you for your patience!

Christmas gift ideas

A skydiving gift from santa

A skydiving gift from santa

Why don’t you buy a Skydive as a Christmas gift? We have various offers and packages available take look at our special offers for details.

Our option to pay for the jump in instalments give you the chance to spread the cost over 2 or 3 payments we can also offer flexible instalment options and come up with a plan to suit you. Take a look at the details. on our instalment page.

Click and Jump will email you a Christmas gift certificate and the an information pack to present to your loved one on the ‘big day’.

You can apply this to any gift not ‘just for Christmas’, we can provide a suitable gift certificate for any occasion; Wedding, anniversary, birthday etc.

Alternatively if you know someone that has already booked their skydive through Click and Jump for next year and wish to pay for them to have their jump filmed we can organise this on your behalf -give us a call on 0845 6088844.

It is Click and Jump’s aim to offer you the best service we can, to work for you to give you the best experience possible.  Take a look at the Click and Jump’s Guarantee for more details.

The Click and Jump Guarantee

Why should you book your jump through Click and Jump and not through one of our competitors?  Take a look at our guarantee…..


The Click and Jump Guarantee


At Click and Jump; we love what we do and we want you to love our service and our world of skydiving.

Our promise to you is that when you book through Click and Jump our aim is to give you the best experience possible.

We will:

  • Promise to give you the best service, not promise to offer you the cheapest price.
  • Keep our prices low to all. We do not hike them up so that we can offer group discounts or select offers. Most people pay the same; occasionally we have offers which are open to all and advertised on Facebook, Twitter and our own website.
  • Provide you with the best information possible about your jump, the parachute centre and if applicable fundraising for your chosen charity.
  • Keep you updated through Facebook, twitter and via email between your booking and jump date; giving you up to date advice, updates and support.
  • Promise you will feel prepared and ready for your jump. We may not be there on your tandem day but all you have to do is turn up and enjoy the day.
  • Make sure that your expectations are realistic and that we do not promise you things just to make a sale. We know how drop zones work; we are not able to guarantee your jump time, who you can jump with etc. and we will be honest about what we can promise.
  • Respond to emails, text messages and phone calls within a couple of days – if not sooner.
  • Support you in your aim to raise money for your chosen charity. Not promise that you can have a free jump. Any of our competitors making this promise usually take the payment for the jump from fund-raising
  • Find a way to resolve any situation that arises and learn from that mistake.

All the drop zones that we recommend are British Parachute Association or BPA approved and affiliated centres. To achieve this they have to follow strict rules and regulations- all health and safety aspects must be in place or they would not be able to operate in the United Kingdom. This means each drop zone guarantees to ensure that their parachute equipment and aircraft undergo rigorous servicing schedules, monthly, weekly and daily safety checks. Each BPA affiliated parachute centre employ fully qualified, experienced instructors, ground staff and DZ staff that are able to deal with any situation and who primarily prioritise the safety of themselves, their students and visitors to the parachute centre.

Ultimately we aim for you to have such a great booking experience that you want you to tell everybody about the service that Click and Jump offer. We aim to ensure that we deserve those recommendations.

We guarantee that your skydive will make you smile!

In return for our promise we ask our customers to do the following

  • Read our information – more than once. Most of it is very important!
  • Ensure that the information you provide us e.g. your age, weight and height is accurate.
  • If you are using fundraising to pay towards your jump costs it is important that you contribute to that cost by paying your own booking fee.
  • Ensure that the people who are sponsoring you, know exactly how you are paying for the jump and if they are making a contribution to those costs.
  • Turn up on time! If you need to cancel or postpone contact us (or the parachute centre if outside our office hours) as soon as you can so that we can change the arrangements with the parachute centre and avoid paying them an admin fee to rebook your jump.

Announcing the 2016 Red Devil Tandem dates

Yes finally we are able to announce the 2016 Red Devil Tandem dates!!  

click and jump red devils skydive jump

We know you are all chomping at the bit to get your jump booked for next year!!!

If you are thinking of jumping for charity have you considered paying for your own jump?  If you have but would like to spread the cost over 3 payments this is now an option we can offer.  When you book select your preferred instalment option.

Also coming soon are our package prices for your tandem, camera and merchandise – watch this space or join our mailing list to receive our next Click and Jump newsletter for up to date information on these and other Click and Jump and Red Devil offers.   Sign up to the Click and Jump Newsletter

View the 2016 Red Devil Tandem dates 

Final new Red Devil tandem date for Salisbury location 2015!

The team have bowed under pressure and released a final 2015 date for the Salisbury location!

24 September 2015 at Old Sarum Airfield near Salisbury.

This will be the last general date for the year so if you want it you need to book it!!  The last date we released sold out in a week….

If you are a ‘rebook’ due to weather and would like this date do contact us ASAP by email.

The September dates in Nottingham are filling fast too, so if you want to jump with the Red Devils in Nottingham on 2 or 3 September you will need to book now.

The 2016 dates will be released in the next month so do watch this space!

red devils charity skydive free fall 5

Fundraising for your charity skydive

It is becoming more and more difficult to reach your fund-raising targets.  This is partly due to everyone doing something for charity and flooding us all with countless requests for donations for various charitable challenges.  Of course the financial crisis of the last few years don’t help either but people are still spending money so the trick is to get them to give a few extra pounds to your cause in your name.

In most cases if you want to use fundraising to pay for your jump, you will pay your own booking fee – this is your contribution and commitment to the jump and it means the fundraising target can be slightly lower – usually £500 but still ensure that your cause will get over half of the money that is donated.

Always let the charity you are jumping for know that you are fundraising on their behalf.  They can provide you with some great advice and support for your fund-raising incl. sponsorship forms, collection tins etc.

Online fundraising

Have you set up an online fundraising page?  This is by far easier, cleaner and less open to abuse than using the old fashioned sponsorship forms.  Although Sponsorship forms do still have their place see* by fundraising online it means you can take advantage of social media, society’s inability to keep cash in their pocket anymore and in some cases it means you will get a £5 donation instead of a pound coin.  Bringing me on to one of the biggest advantages of fundraising online – you do not end up with buckets, envelopes, pockets and bags full of coins and cash that you have to ‘somehow’ get paid into the charity’s bank and allocated to your fundraising target.

It is just easier!!

Some advice for setting up your page;

> Use your name!!  Don’t just call your page “tandem skydive” because there are hundreds of people that do tandem skydive and it makes it more difficult for your sponsors to find the page. So use your name you could use “JoeBloggstandemskydiveforcancer” or something of that nature.  Do mention on your page if you are using some of the money donated to pay towards your jump.  State that you have paid £xxx on your donation and that the balance £xxx will be paid using some of the donations but only if you reach your target of £500 of online fund-raising.

> Use the space on the page to tell your story!  Do you have a personal connection to the cause or your event? Also use your photo – apparently on average people who personalise their page with a photo and a story raise more money than those that do not.  its about an additional 20 per cent.

>Use twitter, Facebook and all of the other social media sights to invite people to donate to your cause. – tell your supporters what you are doing and why.

>Don’t forget UK tax payers can claim tax back on their donations Charities could get the benefit of an extra 25 per cent for each donation you receive. Using online fund-raising makes this so much easier than trying to get people to write in their whole address….

>Fundraise after your event.  Some people want to see that you have done the event before they donate – get onto your social media pages add pictures, descriptions and sing your praises.

Manual fundraising

Of course using sponsorship forms has it’s place and you will find some people are not just comfortable using online fund-raising, payment etc. so do use manual sponsorship forms – get these from your charity and ensure that all the details are complete so that gift aid can be claimed for these donations.  Do pay this money into your online fund-raising accounts so that this money can be used as part of your total.  You can then send the sponsorship forms with details about how you paid the money in to your charity and they can claim the gift aid.

For any ‘collection’ money  see below for ideas; do contact your charity and find out if they prefer you to pay the money into your online fundraising account or into their bank account with your reference.

Alternative fundraising methods/collection

So your workplace, friends and families are flooded with people asking them to donate to their cause.  Getting a straight donation is a little more difficult now so get creative.

Here are a couple of our ideas:

>Bake sale – yep people love cakes and biscuits. You could even offer to deliver to their desk for a small fee.

>Make the teas and coffees – be the office drinks slave for a week (as long as they provide the necessary equipment you don’t want to be out of pocket.  For a small fee you could make the drinks and deliver them to people’s desks/canteen tables.

>Odd jobs– offer your friends, family, neighbours your time by; dog walking, baby sitting, wash cars, clean windows, dust and hoover houses, gardening, painting etc. – all for a fee that will go to your cause. Be creative!

>Tap up some local businesses and ask if you can put donation tins/buckets into their businesses, use posters etc.  Ask for donations, sponsorship, assistance with promoting your event.

>Ask your local supermarkets, department stores etc. if you can collect in their premises.

>Hold events – a meal, lunch, movie night with snacks, games evening and charge an entrance fee.

>Go for a night out on the town where every drink that is drunk a sum of money goes into the pot, every strike scored at bowling a pound goes into the pot etc.

>Swear jars at work and home…..

>Everyone has worn pink, red, jeans, dressed down at work what about a dress up day – everyone is encouraged to wear evening attire (appropriate to the business of course!) Or where PJS etc. for a donation. Get really creative and make your workplace fun!

>Get the kids involved, hold a teddy bear picnic, crafts event, party.


>Ask your local pub/cafe if they would allow you invite their clients to donate a sum of money when they buy.

If you have any other ideas that you think would be useful for this page please email them or post them to our Facebook and twitter pages using #fundraisingideas.



Red Devils in the news

The Red Devils have been in the news a lot recently!

All positive and all reasons to complete a tandem skydive with the official display team of both the British Army and Parachute regiment, the world famous Red Devils.

Red Devils England Rugby shirt launch

The most recent and impressive being the surprise unveiling of the new  England Rugby World Cup 2015 shirt. The team jumped onto Stonehenge and surprised 3 very lucky competition winners then whisked them away to take them on a tandem skydive and unveil the new shirt at 12,000ft.  There are some amazing photographs and an awesome movie: Launched by The Loyal.

The hype from 19 June was partly due to some very over enthusiastic news reporters who perhaps used words that wowed their readers/viewers about an incident at White Haven Air Show in Cumbria. Although it was daring and dangerous, when you watch the team they underplay the act as a routine – a sign of the huge modesty and lack of pre madonnas within the team.

The two team members; Cpl Mike French and Cpl Wayne Shorthouse had planned to join canopies as part of the display and land in a designated water landing area.  However what happened was the lower canopy being flown by Cpl Mike French wrapped around Cpl Wayne Shorthouse and instead of bouncing back as canopies are usually known to do remained wrapped.  At that height and considering the planned water landing the two team members decided it was safer to remain linked and land in the water rather than separate and open a reserve parachute.  Together they navigated to an area not far from the designated landing area and safely entered the water.  The ‘pick up crew; collected them shortly after landing and in The Parachute Regiment style rode a lap of honour waving to the crowds in the pick up boat.

The team were surprised by how the media took hold of the story. It was one of the most reported stories in the world on 20 June 2015.  They were interviewed by many news stations in the UK, USA, Australia etc. it was a media frenzy!  Click and Jump spent much of the week directing people to the Red Devils’ website and Facebook page for the teams statement. This and many links to various interviews can be viewed on the Red Devils Freefall Display Team‘s Facebook page.

* The team appeared on the One Show along side Lionel Richie, I think this was quite a personal highlight!

Red Devils meet Lionel Richie

* Sgt Barry Loftus and Cpl Wayne Shorthouse were interviewed about the incident.  They also showed a movie where This Morning’s Runner; Anthony Brown joined the Red Devils for a tandem skydive.  Anthony did a great job he was a fantastic tandem student and great fun on the ground.  Take a look at the interview and movie; This Morning Tandem skydive

Parachuting is not without it’s dangers and the more ‘flashy’ you become the more danger there is, it is why many people love the sport and take those risks.

The Red Devils are highly trained, professional and all round great guys.   They work as the team they are and take safety seriously, putting procedures in place and maintaining their equipment to a very high standard.  The training the Red Devils receive is the best it can be, giving the the team the tools they need to do a fantastic job, in their displays and when holding their tandem events.

So why do a tandem skydive with he Red Devils?  Because they are the best!

red devils charity skydive free fall 2

Red Devils Tandem skydive

18-20 August Old Sarum Red Devils dates now full!!!

If you were hoping to jump with the Red Devils on 18-20 August this year I am afraid unless you sign up to jump for one of the charities that have reserved spaces on that date you are out of luck.  The only spaces available on these dates are reserved solely for the charities below.

19 August you can jump for The Silverlining or Cats Protection

20 August you can jump for Help for Heroes.

Do email for details about how to book.

click and jump red devils skydive landing shot