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The Red Devils tandem skydive experience has been shortlisted as a finalist for “Best Skydiving experience” in the Adventure Awards

We (Click and Jump and the Red Devils) are up against some of the best parachute centres and the biggest skydive agency in the UK so are very much the underdogs.  They offer 1000’s of tandem skydives a year and have a much bigger reach than we do.

We believe the Red Devil tandem skydive can compete – even though we only offer a small number tandem skydives compared to our competitors – we believe it is about quality rather than quantity and feel that we offer a great service to our customers as well as a wonderful tandem skydive.  It is not just about the day which is unique and exclusive but about ensuring that you have all the information and support you need running up to the day.

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Announcing the 2020 Red Devil tandem dates!


the 2020 Red Devil Tandem dates

2019 has been a strange year, we have had some fantastic weather yet have been a little unlucky with the dates that the team were available – which has been very frustrating!

You can now view the 2020 dates by taking look at our Red Devils booking page.

As usual they are mid week dates to work alongside the teams busy demo and military calendar.

If you should have jumped in 2019 but were unable due to weather or other circumstances you will be emailed with your rebook date if you do not hear from us to call or email.

Army Parachute Display Teams Tandem skydive event

Army Parachute Display Teams Tandem skydive event

Click and Jump are super excited to be organising a special and exclusive brand new tandem event this year working with the combined Army Parachute Display Teams and The Royal British Legion.

The Royal British Legion are doing something a little different this year, as part of the World War One Centenary they are saying “thank you” to an amazing generation of people that lost their lives, loves, served and helped to change our world as a result of the war.

Click and Jump, and the Army Parachute Display Teams are honoured to be helping the charity to recruit people that wish to raise money and to say thank you to take part in this exclusive tandem skydive event.  It will be our first event for the combined team and our biggest stand alone event so far.

Offering up to x70 people the chance to take part, jumping with a serving Army Tandem instructors from one of the four teams; The Parachute Regiment’s ‘Red Devils’, The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment’s ‘The Tigers’, The The Royal Logistic Corps ‘Silver Stars’ and the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineer’s ‘Lightning Bolts’.   Read all about the teams and their awesome achievements on our Army Parachute Display Teams page.

The teams- each successful in their own right, are usually known for their banter are putting aside their light rivalry to make this day special.  Anyone taking part will experience what it feels like to truly let go and be free, facing to the earth in what can only be described as an awe inspiring, almost religious experience with men and women considered to be “The Best” in the business.

So what do you think?  Are you going to get involved?  Take a look at the event page for more information.

Do you just want to take the plunge a book?  Awesome but maybe still read the event page for information!!


I am so excited I may have to jump myself!! In fact I might insist that Claire our customer service operator jumps! (This will test if she is reading my blogs!!)

Privacy policy – GDPR update

Privacy policy – our GDPR update

Exciting stuff don’t you think?!!!

Click and Jump have always taken the privacy of our customers very seriously.  We have always used safe cloud based databases and tend to only contact people about their jump and the odd Happy Christmas message.  We have a secure website and go through a tonne of ever changing passwords to ensure that only we have access.

Ultimately we hate being hounded ourselves, so any mass emails we send are usually about an upcoming tandem event and we send these because people do not always read their information and by sending it again (and again) (oh and again!!) it tends to mean most people have seen the important information at least once!!

We would never sell your details and have no intention of giving them to anyone that does not need them.  We share your booking info with the parachute centre as part of the booking process so that they can contact you if they need to and ensure that you are a safely matched tandem or first jump student.

If you would like to read our privacy policy please do, we have spent a lot of time ensuring that it is easy to read and hopefully covers everything you would like to know.  It is one of those things that we have always done/observed but not always put on paper.  So hopefully you will find it informative.

If you have any comments about our privacy policy please do not hesitate to contact us via email.

I am not sure if anyone will take the time to read this page, in fact I doubt anyone will!  Hence the lightly chatty  language!  However I wanted to show on our site that we are making the effort and that we do care!

Thank you for reading and my apologies for the last of info!!

Lose weight to skydive

Lose weight to skydive?

Have you made a new years resolution?

What did you decide 2018 would be about for you?
Are you hoping to; lose weight? Stop smoking or drinking?  Eat healthier, live healthier?  Have you set it as a goal or is it half hearted? Are you just waiting to see if you manage it again this year?

Real life changing decisions can be hard!

Losing weight is bloody hard, especially if like me you love your food, refuse to make yourself go without and have a busy life that you struggle to fit the basics into without having to take time out to exercise or cook full on healthy from scratch meals.

What am I aiming for this year?

The usual; I need to lose weight, exercise more, drink more water, eat less ‘bad stuff’ and start being more positive oh and manage my time better so that I can do better at my business making it more successful.
So far we are just past the middle of January and I have done none of those things, they* say you have to be goal oriented, focus on those goals and really go for it.  They* also say that you need to incentivise and visualise the end results, really see what you can get out of achieving the goals, so I would look better, be healthier and feel less negative.
Then there is accountability, if someone holds you accountable for your goals and asks you why you are not doing what you said you would do; you can are more motivated.
*Who exactly are ‘They’? For me ‘they’ are a combination of friends, family, experts, business/life coaches and various journalists, authors and TV personalities. 

So what do I want to achieve?

Ultimately by achieving all of my goals (lose weight, exercise more, drink more water, be more positive, mange my time better) I would have a better self image, therefore be happier, and feel less out of control.  I guess somewhere in my fogged brain I believe I can be better at everything if I feel better about myself.
So here is my statement:  “I am not going to have a new years resolution, I am not going to say I need to lose weight.”
So for 2018….
…”My goal is to do more exercise, get back into cycling and running, drink more water and eat healthier; so that I can be healthier and feel better about myself. I am going to manage my time better so that I can achieve those and my business goals.”
I am going to set aside the distractions, stop faffing and get working on my goals!


So why am I talking to you about goals, resolutions and making myself accountable to you?

I am thinking I can help you with some motivation and in turn motivate myself.

If you are aiming to lose weight/be healthier why don’t you use a skydive as an incentive?

There are recommended height to weight ratios that are considered to be healthy.  Why don’t you take a look at what these are use them as something to aim for, book a skydive for later in the year, sign up to our “Lose weight to skydive Facebook group” and newsletter and let’s support each other in our goals!

If you do not achieve your goal ready for the date you have booked it can be moved with enough notice and you have up to a year to complete your skydive giving you plenty of time to get there.

When you complete your skydive having achieved your goal weight/fitness you will be sent a special certificate and gift recognising your achievement not just to skydive but recognising the journey you have taken to get there.

4 Steps!

Step 4. Sign up to the Lose weight to skydive letter
Happy Goal setting!

Subscribe to our ‘lose weight to skydive’ newsletter

* indicates required


Who am I?

I am Sandy and I am a director at Click and Jump.  I have one daughter who is in primary school, a dog (the key to my world) and a husband (best bud, love of my life for 20 years) who loves his extreme sports and helped set up Click and Jump.  I took over as a director when my husband pursued a new (more lucrative) career.  I love cycling, walking with my dog, reading and have recently re-found music – I am learning to play the piano (badly of course!).  I love food, everything sweet, have kicked a diet coke addiction and am trying to remove sugar from my life (and failing!).

Click and Jump Christmas offers 2017

Click and Jump Christmas offers 2017

reddevil skydive special offer

Yep that time has crept up on us very slowly at first and then at the speed of a freight train.  Once again I am contemplating what I can get my husband for Christmas…. He is a nightmare 

he is one of those people that buys what he needs when he needs it.  My daughter and I have exhausted the ‘special’ gifts such as personalised necklace, bracelet, mug, T-shirts – he has the lot; I am at a total loss.  I am not be able to help myself (he is already a skydiver and so would not appreciate my special offer) but I can help you…..

Red Devil Tandem Skydive Offer

Book a Red Devil Tandem skydive in Salisbury on 18 or 19 April and save £20!

Usual price for a Red Devil Tandem skydive is £300, jump in April for £280.

Book your April skydive before 24th December 2017 to receive this discount, there are limited places in April so you will need to book your jump ASAP!

To book use the link below and enter XMAS17 in the already have a voucher section, hit “submit” to receive your discount.  You can pay in full or pay the £100 booking fee; the discount will be from your balance payment.

There are limited spaces on these dates so do book TODAY!

Book my April 2018 Red Devil tandem skydive

Read more about the Red Devils by visiting their website 

2018 Red Devil tandem dates to be launched soon!

2018 Red Devil tandem dates to be launched soon!

If you would like us to include you in the 2018 Red Devil tandem dates  launch email sign up to the list now!

Send me the Red Devil 2018 Tandem dates

* indicates required

red devil parachute regiment charity skydive uk 7

Announcing our New Partnership with The Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion have chosen Click and Jump as their chosen Tandem skydive supplier!

We are so excited to be working with this fantastic charity, one that is close to all of our hearts here at Click and Jump.

So, why don’t you book your Red Devil tandem skydive in August or September and jump for The Poppy Appeal or book to jump at a parachute centre near you on a date of your choice.

Skydiving doesn’t stop in the summer so if you fancy jumping on 11 November in memory of those that have fought in battle and at home for the freedom we proudly live today then book now to give yourself plenty of time to raise your money.

Take a look at our Royal British Legion page for more details.

#TandemforPoppyappeal #RedDevilPoppyTandem

Can I wear my one POV camera?

We are being constantly asked at the moment if people can use their own POV “Go Pro” cameras on their tandem skydive.  Yes, they are being used for all kinds of sports, activities and in all kinds of places. Yes they have revolutionised extreme sports, safety, accountability etc. However they are dangerous in the wrong hands!!!

So the short answer is: “No – due to safety reasons.”

If “this could effect your safety – meaning your life” is not a good enough answer for you and you want the long answer:


‘NO’ due to safety reasons!!
For a tandem student to carry a POV/Go-Pro camera it would go against the British Parachute Association’s basic safety recommendations; which would devalue any licenses, insurance etc. that the parachute centres, tandem instructor, student and team hold.
However if you still need more of an explanation so you can understand the WHY:

To put it into perspective if a tandem student had “hooks” on shoes/boots due to the potential for parachute lines to ‘catch’ and prevent the parachute from opening these hooks would be taped up before they footwear could be use for a parachute jump.

Now imagine the difference between the size of a boot hook and a sticking out “box shaped camera” and realise the potential for that sticking out box strapped to someone who is inexperienced and does not have the ability to ensure it is fully out of the way when that life saving parachute is deployed.  The parachute lines are very thin – effectively they are pieces of string attached to a parachute and those thin strings will keep you alive!  Stop the parachute opening and……
We are being asked this question again and again and so we asked the Red Devils for their response to the question, it is a pretty blunt and harsh answer, however death/injury to one of their team members and potentially a tandem student is pretty harsh and serious. To breach a basic British Parachute Association Safety recommendation would be the the end of the Red Devils, possibly the parachute centre and certainly the loss of licence to the individual instructor.

From the OC of the Red Devils Parachute Regiment Free Fall Team:

Can I wear my own POV Camera?

The short answer is no. The British Parachute Association has a Basic Safety Recommendation which does not allow for any students or qualified jumpers with under 200 jumps to wear POV/action cameras. There has been a direct correlation of both accidents and fatalities in extreme sports due to the desire for people to capture their experience on video and become internet superstars. The camera becomes, to some degree, a weapon. When the ‘lines’ open up as the parachute is deployed, the camera can become a snag point. For further information, please visit this article as it explains this in further detail.


What do I get if I pay for a camera flyer to film my jump?

The parachute centres and The Red Devils take great pride in the skills and professional camera products that they offer.
You are paying for an experienced camera flyer to join you for your jump, they film you before, during your flight, during your skydive, your landing and your response to your jump.
Each Parachuter centre does it slightly differently according to the equipment they use but in most cases you will be given digital photos to take away with you on your jump day- the numbers of these range from x75- x250 digital photos of the whole experience.  You will then be sent a full professionally edited movie of your skydive, some centres have dedicated view editors so you can take your move away with you, at other centres and in the Red Devils’ case the camera flyer take the footage away and lovingly edits the skydive they filmed, you will then be posted your movie within 3-8 weeks of your jump.  An awaited surprise to remind you of an amazing experience.
You are paying for a professional product captured by a professional camera flyer -who has built up remarkable skills in order to take on that title.

Can I jump

Skydive restrictions – Can I Jump?

So you have looked into skydiving but you are still asking the question Can I Jump?  What are the restrictions?

As you imagine yes there are restrictions when it comes to completing a tandem skydive but what are they and do they apply to you?

Quick Look – Can I Jump?

  • Age: 16 – unlimited subject to health*  If under 18 you will need parental consent 
  • BPA Fitness forms: Please read the form 115a BPA Tandem Student Medical Information & Declaration if you are unable to sign the form due to medical conditions, injuries or disabilities please have the form 115b Tandem Student Parachutists Doctors Medical signed by your doctor preferably BEFORE booking.
  • Weight and Height: Weight and Height must be in proportion*. The maximum weight for a tandemwith BPS Langar is 15 stone for someone up to 6′. For someone under 5’7 you should be below 13st*.
  • Disabilities: The team will assess people with disabilities to decide if it is safe to jump with them.  If you have a disability. You must have the declaration of fitness signed and stamped by a doctor and contact Click and Jump to arrange an assessment before booking.


In more detail

Age – SkydivingIMG_0907 carries a minimum age limit of 16 years.  Participants between the ages of 16 and 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign the parental consent section on the membership form and witness the declaration of fitness.  For tandem skydives, there is no upper age limit, subject to health.

For the Static Line and Accelerated Free fall (AFF) courses, the upper age limit is 55 years although some centres set the limit at age 50.

BPA Fitness forms Tandem skydiving – All tandem jumpers are required to sign a Form 115a BPA Tandem Student Medical Information & Declaration .

Those unable to sign the form due to medical conditions, injuries or disabilities must bring a copy of the Form 115b Tandem Student Parachutists Doctors Medical ***

Customer notice: Our governing body the British Parachute Association (BPA) has recently changed the regulations regarding fitness forms for Tandem skydives.  From April 2016 two BPA Fitness forms 115a & b have replaced the previous form 115 and the mandatory requirement for doctors medicals for age 40+ has been removed.  Customers who have already had the old form 115 will still be accepted and do not need to replace this form. 

Medical conditions and notes – please read carefully

Certain medical conditions (for example, epilepsy, some cardiovascular and neurological conditions and some forms of diabetes) or recurring injuries (for example, recurring dislocations) may prevent you from participating in a skydiving course. If you are in any doubt, please contact us or consult your doctor.Red devil skydive parachute jump peace

***We recommend that you read the form 115a before you book, if you are unable to sign then ask your doctor to sign and stamp the declaration form 115b before you reserve your skydive place;  your reservation/booking fee is non refundable.

Weight/Height – For safety reasons there are weight restrictions to do a skydive, these vary from centre to centre.  The average maximum weight limit is approximately 15 stone and maximum height is 6’2”  As a rough guide if you are 5’7 or lower your maximum weight would be around 13 stone.  It is important that you have a basic level of fitness and your weight should be proportional to your height, as a solo parachute student there is a table of suggested BMI scores on the declaration of fitness, these need to be adhered to.  You can view a tandem weight to height ratio table on our website

Fitness – To do a tandem you must be able to independently lift your legs up to chest height when sat with your bottom on the floor, you can have your back to a wall.  If you cannot do this your instructor may decide that it is not safe for you to jump.

Disabilities – Many disabled people have safely completed tandem skydives over the years, however, this does depend on the type/level of the disability; If you have a disability please call Click and Jump on 0845 608 8844 to discuss the options available on an individual basis.  Do not book a jump without discussing your disability first.

If you do not declare a disability or condition and it is discovered on the day you may forfeit your skydive.

What level of insurance is included in my fee?

All participants will be covered by British Parachute Association third party liability insurance which is included in the cost of your jump.  However, if you wish to take out additional personal accident insurance, there are a number of one jump policies available, and are both examples. Please select/enter your ‘drop zone/agent’ as ‘Click and Jump’ when applying, this ensures the policy is set up on the correct basis. Any money received by Click and Jump as commission for insurance sales will be given to one of the worthy causes supported by B1G1.