Spinal Cord Injury has a devastating effect on the 1,200 people who become paralysed each year. The individual affected will lose muscle and sensory control and the vast majority become full time wheelchair users for the rest of their lives. Historically, the majority of spinal cord injuries have been sustained by those aged 15 to 40, with men outnumbering women, although increasingly it is affecting more older people too.

Through its projects and programmes, Aspire offers practical support to the 40,000 people living with a spinal cord injury in the UK so that they can lead fulfilled and independent lives in their homes, with their families, in work-places and leisure time.

Aspire urgently needs your support so that we can continue to help people in the UK who have a spinal cord injury. By taking part in a fundraising Tandem Skydive for Aspire, you’ll be raising funds that we can use to help take people from injury to independence – and you’ll be having fun in the process.

By pledging to do a sponsored parachute jump you can raise money for Aspire and have the experience of a lifetime. Jumping from a perfectly serviceable aeroplane takes a good deal of courage. Just ask your friends, family and work colleagues how much they are prepared to pay not to jump out of an aircraft, and put that money to the cause.

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