Who we are

Sense is a national disability charity that supports people with complex communication needs to be understood, connected and valued. We began, and continue, to support people who are deafblind. Today, we also support a wide range of people with complex communication needs.

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Who we are?

We are here for every person who faces communication barriers in a world that relies on being able to see and hear well to be connected.

Our flexible and personalised services empower people to communicate and express themselves – be it through speech or sign, touch or movement, gesture or sound, art or dance. Together, we connect differently and campaign passionately for the right to lead connected and fulfilled lives.

We support children, young people and adults in their home, in the community and at our centres, in their education and transition to adulthood and through our holidays, arts, sport and wellbeing programmes. We also offer practical help and support to families and carers, including information, advice, short breaks and family events.

Together our mission is simple – to make sure no one with complex communication needs is isolated, left out or unable to fulfil their potential.

 Why don’t you complete a tandem skydive in aid of Sense?!

Tandem skydive in aid of Sense raise money to help with the Sense mission and goals.

You can either pay for your own jump and then raise as much money as you can for the charity or if you would like to use some red devil skydive close upfundraising to pay for part of your jump you will need to pay your own booking fee of £50 or £100 when jumping with the Red Devils- this is your contribution towards your jump. Then as long as you raise a minimum of £500 fundraising one month before your jump date the balance of your jump cost can be taken from your fundraising.  – Do note, if you do not reach your target you will be expected to pay for your own jump balance.

Sense would like you to fundraise online using Just Giving.   If you have an alternative preferred method of fundraising do contact the team at Sense and they will be able to advise you.

If you need to contact Sense, you can contact Kirsten at Sense  or call 0207 014 9362.   Visit the Sense website to learn more about how you can get involved.

Book your jump and start fundraising now!

If you fancy something a little different you can jump with the Red Devils Parachute Regiment free fall team, take a look at their pages for details.