Blue Lamp Foundation

logo-genericPolice Constable David Rathband had the idea of starting this Foundation while lying in a hospital bed recovering from horrific injuries after being shot by Raoul Moat in the early hours of July 4 in Newcastle.

In the weeks after the incident David came to realise how some members of the emergency services and their families may experience significant financial hardship after being injured in the line of duty.

He had the idea of starting a charity which would provide emergency financial aid to cover unexpected costs such as hospital car parking charges, emergency child care costs and travel costs to help relatives visit from abroad.

PC David Rathband’s Blue Lamp Foundation was officially launched in October 2010 with the stated aim of raising £1m in the first three years. Once that target is reached David intends to raise another million – and then another million.

With the backing and support of the media, members of the emergency services, businesses and thousands of ordinary, warm-hearted members of the public, the Foundation has had a fantastic start

The money that we raise at PC David Rathband’s Blue Lamp Foundation is used to support all personnel of the police force, the fire service and the ambulance service that have been criminally injured whilst on duty.

Our message is simple: PC David Rathband’s Blue Lamp Foundation does not look to criticise or be political; we simply want to help and want to do so by asking everyone to do their bit to raise money.
The emergency services are there to help the public; this is an opportunity for the public to now do their bit in return.

By pledging to do a sponsored parachute jump you can raise money for Blue Lamp Foundation and have the experience of a lifetime. Jumping from a perfectly serviceable aeroplane takes a good deal of courage. Just ask your friends, family and work colleagues how much they are prepared to pay not to jump out of an aircraft, and put that money to the cause.

Book your jump and start fundraising now!