Care after Combat

Care after Combat was founded by Jim Davidson OBE, Simon Weston OBE and Goose Cryer MC in 2014 to support veterans in Prison as well as those with substance misuse issues.  Our work is vitally important and creates the groundwork for which the veteran can take his next step back to civilian life.

Project Phoenix deals directly with veterans in Prison.  Mentors work with and support the veteran while they are serving their last 9 months of a sentence and ensure that the correct treatment and welfare package is available for them on release.

The charity’s second project is Footprints.  This is a military alcohol and substance misuse fellowship in which veterans and serving personnel can attempt to rid themselves of their dependence. 

“In the UK we have the best armed forces in the world and all of us are immensely proud of them. We must now show that we are the best supporters of our forces in the world as well.”   

“Our troops have fought a succession of battles but some of our veterans are still fighting those battles. Some need a little help with the transition from military life to a life in Civvy Street.”

Care after Combat held a tandem event with the Red Devil Parachute Regiment Freefall team on 5 July 2016 in Salisbury.  It was an incredibly successful event and there are plans to repeat the event for 2017.

If you cannot wait that long, take  look at any of the Red Devil tandem dates and opt to jump for Care after Combat.  Or if the dates do not suit; you can jump from any of the UK parachute centres take a look at our drop zone locations page for more details about where you can jump.

If you wish to raise money for the charity by completing a tandem skydive;

You can either pay for your own jump and then raise as much money as you can for the charity or if you would like to use some fundraising to pay for part of your jump you will need to pay your own booking fee of £100 – this is your contribution towards your jump. Then, as long as you raise a minimum of £500 fundraising by one month BEFORE your jump date, the balance of your jump cost can be taken from your fundraising.  – Do note, if you do not reach your target you will be expected to pay for your own jump balance.


Care after combat would like you to fundraise online using Just Giving.   If you have an alternative preferred method of fundraising do contact Wendy who will be able to advise you.

If you need to contact Care after Combat, you can send an email or speak with Wendy on 0300 343 0255.   Do visit the Care after Combat website to learn more about the charity.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from the assistance Care after Combat offer please call 0300 343 0255.

You can also book a ‘non Red Devil’ tandem skydive in aid of Care after Combat on a date of your choice at any of the parachute centres in the UK See the button for a list of locations and prices.