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 From humble beginnings in 1927 Cats Protection has grown to become the UK’s leading feline welfare charity. They now help around 200,000 cats and kittens every year through a network of over 250 volunteer-run branches, 29 adoption centres and two homing centres.


Cats Protection work doesn’t stop there, they also provide an array of cat care information via publications, website and their helpline; they promote the benefits of neutering to prevent unwanted litters from being born and becoming the abandoned cats of tomorrow and seek to educate people of all ages about cats and their care.

cats protection skydive

Thank you for your interest in raising funds for Cats Protection by completing a tandem skydive.  Cats Protection have joined forces with Click and Jump Ltd to offer you, a potential fundraiser, a bespoke service that will help you to book your jump, fundraise and have a brilliant experience.

Cats Protection will be holding two events with the Red Devils this year; 12 July 2017 in Nottingham and 8 August 2017 in Salisbury.

If these dates do not suit you, you can still jump with the Red Devils on any of their other dates or we can offer skydives at any of the other 20 drop zones around the UK for anytime during the year.

By pledging to do a sponsored parachute jump you can raise money for Cats Protection and have the experience of a lifetime. Jumping from a perfectly serviceable aeroplane takes a good deal of courage. Just ask your friends, family and work colleagues how much they are prepared to pay not to jump out of an aircraft, and put that money to the cause.

cats protection skydive

 Cats Protection ask you to pay your own booking fee and then you can use fund-raising to pay for the balance of the jump if you reach their £500 target. Please contact Rebecca, Regional Fundraising Manager on or call her on 01825 741960 and she will work with you to ensure you feel confident in raising the required minimum and explain how to pay the remaining balance of your jump from sponsorship amount, providing you reach the pledged total.

If you prefer to pay for the jump yourself and not have a minimum fundraising target you can opt to pay a booking fee now and pay your balance by the payment deadline of a month before your jump or alternatively you can pay for your jump in x3 instalments spread between time of booking and your up date.

 Visit the Cats Protection website To contact the Cats Protection fundraising team email;

Book your jump and start fundraising now!

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