Epiphany is a solely non-profit organisation founded following my life-changing trip to India during the summer 2008, which involved working for Tata , working in a school, carrying out a research project and living with a host family.The Charity aims to build orphanage/school complexes in areas of countries which are less positively affected by government schemes or international aid. This will therefore give the children in these areas equal chances in their future. Local builders will be employed and local people trained/paid to teach and care for the children day to day. As I am only 18 and will be starting my degree in September, most of the daily activity will be organised long distance, so I hope the project will be underway before I head off to Cardiff University!

The first complex will be built just outside Kolkata, because of my connections with this part of the country. Also I was in Kolkata when I first realised what was needed, which makes it seem a good place to start.

The general ‘backbone’ to Epiphany is promoting equality across countries, as well as unlocking potential. The scheme I went to India with was the Prime Minister’s Global Fellowship which aimed to do just that for us – unlock our talent and open our eyes to talent on the worldwide scene. Children in these areas of India are not aware of their own potential, and seem almost scared to have ambitions, which seems wrong to me. I want to help them realise their ability and achieve their ‘wildest dreams’ – merely a brighter future.

– Caitlin Bawn

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