Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue


Ogwen Valley is the most northerly of the main valleys in the Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, UK. The mountains that surround the valley are about 1000 meters high and the terrain varies quite considerably. We have cliffs that reach about 300-400m in height and are very popular with climbers. The hills to the north of Oggi Base (the Carneddau) are high and open, but there is also open moorland with heather, bracken and sheep, as well as areas of dense forest around Capel Curig. This sort of terrain calls for the team members to be competent in both high angle rescue work as well as open terrain search techniques.

As a rescue team we have between 50-70 callouts per year. There are approximately 50 people on the team, all volunteers. Many team members are qualified to a high standard of First Aid. We also have a number of Search Managers. Although we are completely independent of the Police we usually work at their request. Team Members are then contacted by telephone or pager. Our usual response time to an incident is typically 20 minutes before deploying someone on to the hill and a full team callout can be effected within 30 minutes. For more information about Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue please click here.

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