Save the Children

Save the Children is the world’s independent children’s charity. We’re outraged that millions of children are still denied proper healthcare, food, education and protection. We’re working flat out to get every child their rights and we’re determined to make further, faster changes. How many? How fast? It’s up to you.Save the Children works everyday to improve the lives of the most vulnerable children. The problems they face will be unique to their circumstances. Our response is always targeted and effective, and underpinned by over 80 years experience of making a real difference to children’s lives. An example of what we do can be found in the following account:At this school the teacher doesn’t hit me. In the other school our teachers hit us. If I didn’t go to school because the river was flooded, the next day the teacher punished me with a stick on the back. It was very painful. We didn’t tell our parents because we were afraid that they would go to school and be angry with the teacher.

My favourite subject at school is maths. We learn in groups. That’s different to our previous school. I like it this way better. We have discussions in groups. It’s more fun.Densi, 10

Densi, 10, studies at an outreach school built by Save the Children in Indonesia. Teachers at this school receive training in how to encourage children’s participation in lessons, to make them more fun and interactive. They also learn how to discipline children without using corporal punishment. Save the Children has been supporting children in Indonesia since 1999, working with vulnerable children affected by poverty, conflict, or living in remote communities where health and education services are non-existent or difficult to reach.

Thanks to the support of individuals like yourself, we can continue to provide children with the healthcare, food, education and protection they deserve.

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