Scotty Little Soldiers

Thank you for considering to sky dive in support of Scotty’s Little Soldiers, the charity for bereaved British Armed Forces children.

Scotty’s was founded in 2010 by Nikki Scott following the death of her husband Cpl Lee Scott and provides help and assistance to children and young people who have lost a parent serving in the British Forces.  The charity delivers this support through 3 programmes called Smiles; Support and Strides.

Promo BrookeSmiles includes all the fun activities such as breaks at the charity’s Scotty Lodges, group events and parties, special experiences, vouchers at difficult times of the year and gifts at Christmas and for birthdays.

Support aims to deal with the more emotional side of bereavement and includes access to professional bereavement counselling.

Strides is designed to assist with the children’s personal development and includes a range of grants to assist financially with activities such as music lessons, school trips, higher education, and driving lessons.

To find out more about the charity’s work please visit our website at

Why don’t you complete a tandem skydive in aid of Scotty’s?

Nikki's skydive

You can either pay for your own jump and then raise as much money as you can for the charity or if you would like to use some fundraising to pay for part of your jump you will need to pay your own booking fee of £50 (The booking fee if jumping with the Red Devils is £100) – this is your contribution towards your jump. Then as long as you raise a minimum of £500 fundraising one month before your jump date the balance of your jump cost can be taken from your fundraising.  – Do note, if you do not reach your target you will be expected to pay for your jump balance.

You can use either JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving to fundraise online.

Download the Scotty’s fundraising pack

Book your jump and start fundraising now!

If you fancy something a little different you can jump with the Red Devils Parachute Regiment free fall team, take a look at their pages for details.