Send a Cow

Founded by Christian farmers in the UK at the height of the milk crisis in 1988, Send a Cow is an international development charity with a difference.

sendacow Abebe7_jpgSend a Cow works hand in hand with some of Africa’s poorest communities, encouraging them to decide which families – many of them widowed or child-headed households – need help to thrive.

By providing a proven package of on-going support and practical training, including farming skills, gender equality, sanitation and money management –  alongside livestock and tools – to ensure some of Africa’s most marginalised people have the confidence, knowledge and skills to help themselves. Within a few months malnourished families are eating regularly and are able to pay for children to attend school. Within a year farmers are diversifying their income streams to ensure they survive the hungry months and unexpected disasters like drought.

Elizabeth Mutale (8) (Charity Phiri's granddaughter) in the barn with an HPI cow. Luanshya, Copperbelt Province, Zambia HPI Zambia, March 2008Send a Cow doesn’t put cows on planes anymore, but it has already lifted over 1.3m people out of poverty and it has big plans to give millions more the hope and the means to secure their own futures from the land.

Why don’t you complete a tandem skydive in aid of Send a Cow?!

send a cowvFlorence%20Acam%2018_jpgYou can either pay for your own jump and then raise as much money as you can for the charity or if you would like to use some fundraising to pay for part of your jump you will need to pay your own booking fee of £50 – this is your contribution towards your jump. Then as long as you raise a minimum of £500 fundraising one month before your jump date the balance of your jump cost can be taken from your fundraising.  – Do note, if you do not reach your target you will be expected to pay for your jump balance.

IMG_5174Send a Cow would like you to fundraise online using Just Giving.   If you have an alternative preferred method of fundraising do contact the team at Send a Cow and they will be able to advise you.

If you need to contact Send a Cow, you can send an email or speak with Tom on 01225 871924.   Do visit the Send a Cow website for some great gift ideas and to learn more about the charity.

Book your jump and start fundraising now!

If you fancy something a little different you can jump with the Red Devils Parachute Regiment free fall team, take a look at their pages for details.