Tandem skydive for SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity.  SSAFA has been providing lifelong support to our Forces and their families since 1885. Last year our teams of volunteers and employees helped more than 82,000 people in need, from Second World War veterans to young men and women who have served in more recent conflicts, and their families. SSAFA understands that behind every uniform is a person. And we are here for that person – any time they need us, in any way they need us, for as long as they need us.

SSAFA helps the armed forces community in a number of ways, though our focus is on providing direct support to individuals in need of physical or emotional care. Addiction, relationship breakdown, debt, homelessness, post-traumatic stress, depression and disability are all issues that can affect our members of our Armed Forces community. Many of these problems only become apparent when an individual has to leave their life in the Forces and join ‘Civvy Street’. SSAFA is committed to helping our brave men and women overcome these problems, and rebuild their lives.

Paul who was a Recruitment Manager at the time, had served in the Army from 1998 to 2005, including a tour of Kosovo and two tours of Bosnia.  Paul recalls that as his mental state worsened, difficult incidents from his time in the military began to catch up with him.  Paul became isolated from friends and family.

Earlier this year Paul met Bob, a SSAFA case worker, who runs a group called Woodland Wellbeing, to help veterans experiencing isolation and mental health problems.  Bob convinced Paul to come along.Paul wants others who are isolated and lonely like him to understand there is help out there:

“There are people out there that want to give you help.  You don’t have to commit to anything, but just recognise there are people there to help you.  Just respond, just acknowledge it.

“If I hadn’t done it I don’t know where I would be now. It’s changed my whole life already.”

You can help support men and women like Paul by signing up to do a skydive and raising vital funds for SSAFA.

Sign up now and tandem skydive for SSAFA!

click and jump red devils skydive landing shot
It is easy to organise your tandem skydive for SSAFA; supporting British forces personnel and their families.

SSAFA are offering you the chance to jump with The Red Devils Army Parachute Display Team.  The Red Devils are serving members of the British Army and hold a limited number of mid-week tandem events throughout the summer at BPA affiliated parachute centres in Salisbury and Nottingham.  Take a look at the dates available by visiting the Red Devil booking page.

Alternatively you can jump at one of the UK parachute centres with their staff and raise money for this fabulous cause, jumping on a date of your choice including weekends.

Jump costs

If jumping with the Red Devils the full jump cost is £300 for a standard Red Devil tandem skydive.  You would pay your own booking fee of £100 and then if you reach the fundraising target of £500 the charity will pay for your jump balance of £200.

If you would prefer the flexibility of jumping from a parachute centre near you the costs vary for each location from £230-£290. The booking fee that you would pay yourself is £50, the charity will then cover the balance cost (£180-£240) if you reach your fundraising target of £500 before your jump date.

You will need to reach your £500 target no later than x6 weeks before the jump date using online fundraising.   If you do not reach your target you will be expected to pay for your jump balance yourself.

Alternatively if you prefer you can pay for all of your jump costs yourself in 2 or 3 payments (including the booking fee) and then raise as much money as you can for the charity.

SSAFA advises that you fundraise using the online platform Just Giving.  Do set up your page and start fundraising now!

Don’t forget to link your fundraising page to “GoRaise” so you can raise money towards your target as you shop online.

If you have any questions, you can send an email or speak with Hannah 020 7463 9297  

Do visit the SSAFA website for more information on what we do!



Book your Tandem skydive for SSAFA; start fundraising now!