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Thank you for your interest in raising funds for The Poppy Factory by completing a tandem skydive. The Poppy Factory have formed a partnership with Click and Jump Ltd to offer you, a potential fundraiser, a bespoke service that will help you to book your jump, fundraise and have a fantastic experience.
The most exciting is several days that the Poppy Factory have arranged to jump with the Red Devil Parachute Regiment Freefall team in Salisbury and Nottingham click on the Bookings page for a list of Poppy Factory dates.  There are a limited number of places available on these dates, so if you are interested reserve your place now!
If none of the Poppy Factory Red Devil dates are convenient for you, then you can jump on any of the other Red Devil dates  or we can offer skydives at any of the other 20 dropzones around the UK for anytime during the year.
By pledging to do a sponsored parachute jump you can raise money for The Poppy Factory and have the experience of a lifetime. Jumping from a perfectly serviceable aeroplane takes a good deal of courage. Just ask your friends, family and work colleagues how much they are prepared to pay not to jump out of an aircraft, and put that money to the cause.
The Poppy Factory ask you to pay your own booking fee and then you can use fund-raising to pay for the balance of the jump if you reach their £500 target they recommend that you use to compete your fundraising.  It is easy to use and as long as you hit your online fund-raising target of £500 we can take the balance cost of your jump direct from that account.
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To contact the Poppy Factory team email Clementine;
Book your jump and start fundraising now!