Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity

Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity exists to support the work of Weston Park Hospital – 1 of only 3 dedicated cancer hospitals in the country.

Weston Park Hospital provides cancer treatment services for patients across the region – and that means Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster, Worksop and Chesterfield as well as Sheffield. Increasingly treatment is being delivered in your community and your local hospital all under the expertise of Weston Park Hospital specialists.

Patients come from all over the country and sometimes from abroad for the specialist treatments for which the hospital is internationally recognised.

We built the Weston Park Hospital Cancer Research Centre which opened in 1999 at a cost of £2m. The centre now enables a multimillion pound programme of cancer research across all cancer types – the Cancer Charity continues to support the core work of this facility year on year in addition to funding specific research projects.

By pledging to do a sponsored parachute jump you can raise money for Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity and have the experience of a lifetime. Jumping from a perfectly serviceable aeroplane takes a good deal of courage. Just ask your friends, family and work colleagues how much they are prepared to pay not to jump out of an aircraft, and put that money to the cause.

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