Winstons Wish

Every 22 minutes a child in Britain is bereaved of a parent; this equates to 24,000 newly bereaved children each and every year.

Winston’s Wish is the leading childhood bereavement charity in the UK.

The death of a parent or sibling is one of the most fundamental losses a child will ever face. At Winston’s Wish, they believe that bereaved children need support to make sense of death and rebuild their lives.

Winston’s Wish need you!  Help them to offer this wonderful and vital support and guidance to children by completing a fundraising skydive.

Winston’s Wish ask you to pay your own booking fee, this is £50 or if jumping with the Red Devils it is £100.  Then if you would like to use some fund-raising to pay for the balance of your jump you will need to raise a minimum of £500 sponsorship money by about a month before your jump.

Alternatively you can of course pay for the whole jump yourself and raise as much money a you can.

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Winston’s Wish ask you to raise a minimum of £500 online using JustGiving.  Fundraising online is a great way to get more donations and relive the stresses of handling sponsorship cash.  JustGiving offer loads of tools and apps to make fund-raising easier, from easy to follow set up instructions to making use of social media and emails to encourage donations.  It really is the way forward for fund-raising.

If you would prefer not to fundraise online do contact for advise and information about fundraising.

For more information about Winston’s Wish and the amazing work they do visit their website

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