“Click and Jump provided our charity, Caring Matters Now, with the service and support we needed to ensure all of our team of 18 completed their charity jumps and raised the money required.

Pre and post care was exceptional, response to queries was prompt and professional. The whole team of 18 successfully completed their tandems jumps raising over £15,000.00. Phenomenal. Thank you Click and Jump you made what could have been an administrative nightmare, a smooth and easy process.”

Charity Organisers

Click and Jump specialises in a personal bespoke service. We are small in number which means we can offer consistent, accurate information to our charities and customers. We organise primarily tandem skydive for charity however some people prefer to go for an even harder challenge and complete a 1 jump course either via a RAPS static line or Accelerated Freefall course*.

At the frontline is Sandy who has been around, jumped and worked in parachute centres for almost 20 years so can answer most questions straight away -without a script, avoiding speculative answers and empty promises.

Click and Jump do not believe in promising free skydives, we do not mention free jumps or skydives in calls or on this website. We do not believe people should be led to believe their jump is free – because it is not, if the jumper chooses to use their sponsorship money to pay towards their jump we make it clear that it is paid for via the donations made on their behalf by their friends and families. We also encourage our charities to ask their jumpers to pay their booking fee themselves so that the jumpers are making a contribution and financial commitment to their jump and fundraising.

Click and Jump prefer to work alongside their charities to ensure that the minimum sponsorship target that is set is both achievable and that the higher portion of the donations go to the charity rather than for the jump payment. This is why we recommend that the jumper pays their own booking fee of £50 or if jumping with the Red Devils £100. Then on top of this the jumper is set a minimum target of £500*, if they reach this target no later than two weeks before their jump the balance of the jump cost can be taken from that £500. Of course jumpers can pay the cost of their jump themselves and raise as much money as they can without a minimum target.

Each drop zone has a different price so the cost of the jump varies from £240 to £300 so the balance is between £180 and £230. If the target is set at £500 it means the charity will receive just over half of the donations. We believe £500 is achievable for most people and is rarely missed – most of the time they surpass it. If a jumper does not meet their target they will need to pay the balance of the jump themselves – this is made clear at time of booking.

We remain as flexible as we can with regards to targets. If as a charity you prefer to make the target higher or lower we will run with the target you set and again you can of course choose for your jumpers not to pay their own reservation fee and cover it from the sponsorship money. We will provide info packs with your logos, your targets and information about your charity so that you and we send the same info to potential jumpers.

Click and Jump are the only booking agent for the Red Devil Parachute Regiment free fall team. We take bookings for their tandem days throughout the year and provide admin assistance on the day. The Red Devils hold 6-7 tandem weeks a year at locations near to Salisbury and Nottingham. These dates are always mid-week as the team have military and demo commitments on the weekends.

As a Click and Jump charity partner you can reserve places on a Red Devil Tandem day in order to promote it as an event to your potential jumpers, clients or staff. You would be given a booking deadline when all jumper’s info and booking fees would need to be paid. After this date the places would be released back for sale, however as long as there is availability your jumpers would have priority booking on this date.

We can also take bookings at any of the drop zones in the UK, on dates of your jumpers choice on an ad hoc basis or if you prefer to hold a ‘day’ that you can promote we can organise this with the drop zone on your behalf, there are usually 8-10 week deadlines before the jump date when all spaces need to be confirmed and reservation fees paid.

We promote your preferred online fundraising site (VMG, Just Giving etc.), at your agreement we can invoice you for the booking fee and or balance – you would need to monitor the jumper’s fundraising and confirm that they have reached their target so that we can send you an invoice for their jump balance.

We can also set up a ‘landing page on our website that you would link all of your jumpers to and from your own website which can contain the information and photographs, logos etc. that you want your jumpers to see.  From here they can book their jump, view your targets etc. and link to your chosen online fundraising pages.

*The 1 jump courses require a higher level of commitment from the jumpers as they need to be available for at least two days in order to take part in 6-8 hour’s ground school training and then return on another day to complete their jump.

If someone is completing an AFF jump for charity we recommend a higher target of at least £750 as the jump cost are higher. See the AFF page.