Due to the current situation with COVID-19 and how this has effected Click and Jump as a business we have decided not to take any new bookings for the moment.


If you have a booking already then of course Click and Jump will continue to look after your booking. 





Select Your Dropzone

All prices include the reservation fee which is payable at the time of booking. The balance of your skydive experience is paid at the Drop Zone when you arrive to jump. Alternatively, you may wish to buy a Voucher, which will enable you to pay the full amount on booking.

We just added the functionality to pay for your skydive in instalments. You will be offered different ways to pay at the bottom of the booking page for the site you choose, if applicable.

To compare Drop Zone prices and deposit details, visit the Prices page.

Do note that if you would like to book a Red Devil skydive you should visit the Red Devils page.

When choosing a date and location that is suitable for you please do provide more than one date in case your first choice is not available and consider that the weather is not always kind, you may need to return on a different date if conditions are not suitable. We advise you choose a location that is close to where you live and that you can return to should you not be able to jump.

Not all parachute centres open all year around, some close over December and January so if you are hoping to jump in these months please do email the team to find out if your chosen location is open.

COVID-19 and skydiving  – latest news/updates 

Red Devil tandem skydives

The Red Devils are yet to release their 2021 tandem dates therefore we advise that you wait for these dates to book.  If you had a 2020 Red Devil booking or voucher then do email info@clickandjump.co.uk if you have any questions.

Voucher purchases from 2020

If you have a tandem skydive gift voucher and have not contacted us to book your jump then please do so via email info@clickandjump.co.uk

…or choose a location here


Tandem: £260
AFF: £410


Tandem: £230
AFF: £350


Tandem: £265


Tandem: £285


Tandem: £280


Tandem: £255


Tandem: £290
AFF: £420


Tandem: £250


Tandem: £275
Static Line: £260
AFF: £425


Tandem: £250
AFF: £370

Red Devils Nottingham

Red Devils VIP Tandem Skydive: £600
Red Devils Tandem Skydive with Camera: £420
Red Devils Tandem Skydive: £300

Red Devils Salisbury

Red Devils VIP Tandem Skydive: £600
Red Devils Tandem Skydive with Camera: £420
Red Devils Tandem Skydive: £300

Salisbury City

Tandem from 15k: £320
Tandem: £260

Salisbury Plain

Tandem: £275
AFF: £450

St Agnes

Tandem: £265


Tandem: £270


Tandem: £290