Impact – book a skydive through Click and Jump

At Click and Jump our aim is to to give you the best possible experience when you book your tandem skydive.  We want to make it easy to book, and give you all the information you want, need and don’t realise you should know. We will give you friendly, honest and accurate advice, answer your questions and help you to relax about your upcoming jump. Take a look at our guarantee for a list of our promises to you.

Click and Jump will help you to organise an experience that you will be able to draw upon for the rest of your life as a tool to combat fear and challenges and we make that easy.

At Click and Jump we want to do more, we wish to make a worldwide impact.


We are delighted to be doing that through our partnership with B1G1;  giving to worldwide projects when you buy your skydive through Click and Jump.

What is B1G1

B1G1 stands for buy one give one; a global business giving initiative that is striving to create a world full of giving. B1G1 helps businesses achieve a greater social impact by embedding giving in their everyday transactions.

Since 2007, the B1G1 team led by Founder Masami Sato and Chairman Paul Dunn, have created millions of giving impacts around the world by collaborating with socially responsible companies that want to create positive change.

Click and Jump are very proud to give to some amazing projects and through B1G1 we can make a difference every day! Below you can see the giving impacts that together you and Click and Jump have achieved to date.

How it works

To make things simple and easy, every time you purchase a baseball cap, purchase an a Red Devil VIP tandem skydive or pay to have your Red Devil Tandem skydive with us Click and Jump contribute to a project on your behalf.

In other words while you get to enjoy a truly unique experience, you are helping people around the world (and their families) to enjoy simple necessities for a better life. It really is that simple!

Together we are making a positive impact through the joy of giving

Projects Click and Jump support

  • Providing children with a special ‘life education’ program in india
  • Providing learning tools for children who need them the most
  • Planting trees to save Organg-utans
  • Give improved sanitation to children
  • Maintain a water pump at a village school
  • Provide vocational training to overcome poverty in Cambodia
  • Feed a child at school in India
  • Sponsor a bicycle in Cambodia
  • Educate a person on proper animal care in Nepal

These are just a few of the projects we are setting out to impact without business.

Are you a charity or a business that would like to get involved?

Click and Jump are aiming to promote B1G1 to as many of the charities/causes that we work with to sign up to B1G1 so that we can start to impact British projects.  To any of the charities that work with Click and Jump visit B1G1 as a cause for more details or email Sandy for more information about how to get involved.