Pay for your jump in instalments


At Click and Jump we understand that a skydive is expensive!  It is worth it  though and to have the chance to do something that truly takes you out of your comfort zone just once in your life can give you so much more than just a one off experience.  Some people use fundraising to pay towards their jumps however we wanted to give you the option of paying for your whole jump in a more achievable manner.

Usually you would either pay in full at time of booking or pay a non refundable booking fee of £50 or £100 depending on the jump type.  Then pay the balance either one month before your jump or on the day direct to the drop zone* (this depends on your jump location and the arrangements with them).

So we would like to give you the chance to complete a skydive and spread the cost of doing so between your time of booking and a month before you complete your jump.

If you book online you are given the chance to select to pay in 2 or 3 instalments splitting the cost equally between your first initial payment and then your 2nd and 3rd payments.   There is no charge for this as long as the jump cost is covered in 3 instalments**.  To make the payments you will be sent an invoice to pay each instalment at a time agreed with you*.


We are also pretty flexible, as long as the booking fee** is covered in the first payment we can come up with a plan that is suitable for you e.g. if you want to pay the jump over 3 consecuitive months this is easy for us to organise, if you would like to pay for your jump and for your jump to be filmed over a number of months again we can come up with a plan to suit you.  If there are to be more that 4 payments you will be charged an additional £10 admin fee to cover the additional payment costs.

To organise a flexible instalment plan we suggest you either email us or give us a call on 0845 6088844 so we can come up with a solution that suits us all.

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*Please note this is not an automatic direct debit or standing order agreement; the payment will not be taken from you automatically, you will need to follow the link and enter your card details manually.

**The booking fee of £50 or £100 (dependant on jump type) and if applicable additional £10 admin fee for 4 or more payments is non refundable.

You can either name a date when you first pay your booking fee or if the jump is a gift you can nominate a date at any time – within 9 months or making the initial booking fee payment.

If you select to pay in instalments your final payment must be made no later than one month before your jump date.  If you do not make your final payment we may have to postpone your tandem until you do.

Our usual terms and conditions apply.
It is Click and Jump’s aim to offer you the best service we can, to work for you to give you the best experience possible.  Take a look at the Click and Jump’s Guarantee for more details.