Skydiving is a dangerous sport and as with anything that has an element of danger there is risk that you could sustain an injury or even death!!!  This is a statement that you may see when you go to your drop zone for your jump.   Statistically skydiving is a safe sport, the safety precautions taken by both the drop zones and instructors are probably much higher than those you take when you get behind the wheel of your car!  So don’t let this put you off – you are after all looking at doing an extreme activity it is the danger that has attracted you to this website!

The British Parachute Association (BPA) is one of the safest in the world and are very strict with centres that hold an affiliation.  – You cannot run a drop zone in the UK without affiliation with the BPA.The price you pay for your jump includes BPA 3rd Party insurance.   It does offer you some limited additional cover for accidental death and permanent disability however if you feel you would like a higher level of cover you may wish to take out an additional insurance policy.  There are a few companies that offer insurance for skydiving; Click and Jump recommend Jump Cover as we feel they offer a good service, high levels of cover and are easy to set up.  If you wish to view the BPA insurance information you can download Form 206 BPA Insurance Summary Personal accident cover is of course optional and not necessary to complete your jump, the information below is purely to help you decide if you wish to take out additional cover and help you with your search.

See below information about Jump Cover should you wish to take out one of their policies.

Jump Cover policies provide specialist accident insurance for tandem skydivers. It takes two minutes to arrange your cover online and with policies starting at just £19, can you afford not to be properly insured? Jump Cover was created by skydivers for skydivers so we know the British weather isn’t always ideal, if your jump is postponed simply tell us and we’ll rearrange your policy for another date. If you have to cancel your jump for whatever reason, we’ll give you a full refund. Follow this link for peace of mind

See below for a comparison of the insurance levels included with your price from the BPA policy and the cover you could get from Jump Cover:

Accidental Death £15,000 £100,000
Permanent Disability £15,000 £100,000
Temporary Disability £0 £200 per week
Emergency Medivac £0 £20,000
Travel Expenses & Rehabilitation £0 £20,000
Injury Assistance & Family Inconvenience £0 £2,000
Home Renovation Benefit £0 £10,000
Coma Benefit £0 £100 per day
Broken Bones £0 £5,000
Baggage & Personal Effects £0 £500
Personal Liability £5,000,000 £1,000,000


  1. The above figures show maximum payouts available under each scheme.
  1. BPA insurance is mainly a third party liability policy. It does not cover you for the period of time you are on the airfield or in the aircraft prior to your skydive.