Red Devils Tandem Terms & Conditions

Click and Jump act as your agent to secure a skydive with the Red Devils at one of the Parachute Centres that they operate.  Click and Jump will collect payment for your jump on behalf of the Red Devils retaining part of the booking fee as payment for services. The rest of the money is passed on to the Red Devils.
Our role is to select the most suitable Parachute Centre for your needs, and secure your place on one of your preferred jump dates. The Red Devils only select Parachute Centres affiliated to the British Parachute Association (the national governing body for safety and training), and those that they consider to have the highest available standards of safety and customer care.
At Click and Jump we take great pride in ensuring that tandem skydivers are fully prepared for their jump and are available to ask questions, provide support and advice concerning the upcoming tandem skydive.
The conduct and responsibility for parachuting activities lies entirely with the Parachute Centre, any questions or complaints regarding them should be made to the Parachute Centre concerned, any complaints about the Red Devils should be directed to Click and Jump who will act on behalf of you -our customer.
Below are the conditions with which we enter into an arrangement with you our customer.  We are human though, and reasonable, if you have any issues at all please do contact us.

Booking conditions

Final payment of jump  

Full payment for a Red Devil tandem skydive should be made no less than one month before the jump date.
Cancellation of booking

Your skydive will be arranged and confirmed within 7 days of making your booking online or over the phone.  Within this time you have a right to cancel your booking by emailing  and will receive a full refund.
Once your reservation fee is paid and booking is confirmed via email your 7 day cancellation rights will end.   Your reservation fee is non-refundable and your skydive booking is non-transferable.
Vouchers are non-transferable, non-refundable and valid for 9 months from the issue date.
If you pay a reservation fee but do not request a date within 9 months and jump within 12 months you will be charged an administration fee of up to £50 to re-organise your skydive.
If you refuse to jump whilst in the aircraft you will forfeit your payments for both the skydive and if applicable your camera fee, you may be offered the opportunity to rebook at a lower rate depending on the circumstances.
Changes to bookings

Alterations to the selected date can be made and will incur an administration charge of up to £50, changes made within the 7 days before your booked date will be at the discretion of the Red Devils and may incur additional charges of up to £50.
Contact Details 

Please ensure that Click and Jump have your correct contact details including email address and a contact telephone number – ideally a mobile number.  These details along with your height, weight and age will be passed on to the Red Devils and if appropriate your chosen charity.
If you change your contact details you must inform Click and Jump as soon as you can. Click and Jump will send you regular email updates about your Red Devil Tandem Skydive. If you do not provide us with a correct email address you will miss out on these updates and any potential changes to our booking.
Privacy Policy

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties that may use them for sales purposes.

Your details will be stored on a secure cloud based database.  It is necessary to share your details with relevant parties concerning your jump i.e. the parachute centre, Red Devils and if applicable your charity and GoRaise for ethical fundraising purposes. 

Cancellation of jump

If you fail to turn up on the day without giving at least 48hrs notice you may forfeit your skydive and be invoiced for the full cost. An administration fee of £50 will be charged to rearrange your skydive.
Do be aware if this has been paid by your charity – it is the charity that loses the money…
If you decide you do not wish to do your jump and cancel; as stated above your reservation fee of £100 is non refundable.  Any other payments made will be   refunded minus any card fees and costs incurred by Click and Jump and the Red Devils/Parachute Centre.
If you arrive without the necessary paperwork (See Age and Medical Restrictions) you may forfeit your skydive.
Rebooking policy 

If bad weather (or circumstances beyond the Red Devils or Parachute Centre’s control) prevents you from jumping on your selected date a new date can be arranged at no extra cost*.
Click and Jump cannot accept responsibility for the Red Devils changing or postponing operating days**, however we will arrange an alternative date at no charge.
If you choose to book accommodation or transportation you do so at your own risk, should a day be postponed or cancelled; Click and Jump and the Red Devils do not take responsibly for loss of money relating to accommodation or transport, we advise that if you must make arrangements you ensure your booking can be transferred should their be a need.
* In general your booking is valid for a year after it is initially made, however because skydiving is seasonal you will be expected to re-book your jump in the same year that you made your original booking -where possible. If you are unable to jump due to weather you will not be charged an administration fee to rebook provided you do so within 6 months/in the same year of your original jump date. Please bear in mind that the Red Devil dates fill up very quickly, if you do not rebook promptly you may not be able to jump with the Red Devils. If you do not re-book within 6 months you will be charged an administration fee of up to £50.
** The Red Devils are full time serving military personnel and so at times they will be forced to change their dates due to unforeseen military commitments.
If you are unable to make the Red Devil tandem dates please contact Click and Jump who will provide you with an alternative solution.

Suitability to skydive

Weight and Height

For safety purposes the Red Devils have a maximum weight limit of 15 stone* and/or maximum height of 6’2”.
Your weight and height must be in proportion. For example, if you are 5’7 you should weigh no more than 13st. See our heights and weights page on our website for a table of recommended height to weight ratios and for more information.
*if you are over 6’ and weight more than 15 stone there is some leeway for someone that is very active/physically fit. Contact Click and Jump to discuss.
If you are not within the published weight/height limit recommendations on the day of your jump or have provided inaccurate information when you book you may forfeit your skydive.  – Please be accurate and honest about your weight.
The final decision on your suitability to skydive rests entirely with the Red Devils and their instructors.
You must not consume alcohol or drugs on the day of your skydive, or to excess the night before.  Anyone drunk, hungover or high will be asked to leave the parachute centre and will forfeit any money paid for a skydive.
Age and Medical Restrictions

The minimum age for skydiving is 16 years old, there is no upper age limit for tandem skydives, however anyone that is aged over 60 will be assessed on the day for suitability.
If you are aged between 16 and 18 you must obtain a parent or guardians consent by completing the relevant section of the British Parachute Association Membership Agreement and signing as a witness on the Declaration of Fitness form.

BPA Fitness forms Tandem skydiving

All tandem students are required to sign a Form 115a BPA Tandem Student Medical Information & Declaration.
Those unable to sign the form due to medical conditions, injuries or disabilities must present a copy of the Form 115b Tandem Student Parachutists Doctors Medical *** to their doctor to read, sign and stamp.

Customer notice: Our governing body the British Parachute Association (BPA) has changed the regulations regarding fitness forms for Tandem skydives.  From April 2016 two BPA Fitness forms 115a & b have replaced the previous form 115 and the mandatory requirement for doctors medicals for age 40+ has been removed.  Customers who have already had the old form 115 will still be accepted and do not need to replace this form.
Please note only the issued British Parachute Association forms can be used for this purpose; a GP’s letter is not sufficient.  No private, NHS or military doctors notes/forms or medical will be accepted instead of this form.
Forms will be sent to you with your enquiry sheet and booking confirmation and in the lead up to your jump. Please take these forms with you on the day of your jump (do not post them to Click and Jump or the Red Devils). Without these forms you will not be able to jump and you will lose your reservation fee.
If you need to have a form signed by a GP we would advise you to check with your GP before booking, as a reservation fee cannot be refunded if a GP will not sign the medical form. If you would like to keep a copy of your declaration of fitness form please take a copy before you hand it over to the Red Devils – they will keep the original for their records and may not be able to provide you with a copy.
The principal medical restrictions for all jumps are diabetes, epilepsy, fits, recurrent blackouts, heart or lung disease, mental illness and some cases of asthma. If you are in any doubt please download the Student Tandem Parachutist Declaration of Fitness form for further details.  The form includes notes for Doctors and notes for parachute students.


We accept no responsibility for personal injury or losses of any kind whilst you are participating in a tandem skydive, by booking a skydive you accept the risks inherent in the sport. You may elect to buy additional insurance cover over and above the include standard BPA 3rd party policy; which provides up to £2 million 3rd party cover. Click and Jump can suggest compani  es that provide this service however are not authorised to recommend any particular insurance product.


The majority of charities that Click and Jump and the Red Devils work with ask jumpers to pay their own booking fee which is non refundable and raise a minimum sponsorship target (usually £500) in order to use sponsorship money to pay for part of the jump costs.
If you choose to do this it is your responsibility to tell your sponsors that this is the case.
If you do not meet your minimum sponsorship target you will be expected to pay the balance of your jump by allotted time sent to you within your booking confirmation.
Please ensure that you inform Click and Jump as soon as you reach your fundraising target giving us the time required to invoice and collect payment from your charity.
If you fail to inform Click and Jump about your fundraising Click and Jump will assume you are paying for your own jump balance and send you an invoice with payment link.

Fundraising online

Your charity will recommend their preferred online fundraising site.  Please ensure that they are willing to allow you to use that online fundraising to pay for your jump by invoice from Click and Jump before you pay all fundraising into the account.
If your charity has agreed to pay the jump balance from your fundraising you will need to reach your target 1 month before your jump date and inform both your charity and Click and Jump that this is the case.

Skydive Movie and Stills

The Red Devils offer a number of packages to have your tandem filmed.  Payments for this must be made to Click and Jump at least two weeks before your jump date. It is the Red Devils and not Click and Jump that are responsible for the quality of the camera flyers and the tandem films they produce. Should you have any issues with your film or do not receive it within the time they have given you (usually 6-8 weeks); contact the camera flyer first and the Red Devils second, any emails sent to Click and Jump will be directed to the appropriate camera flyer or the team. Any answers Click and Jump send to jumpers regarding tandem films are at the direction of the team.
The Red Devils may call upon the Parachute Centre’s local camera flyers to help them out on busy days, these camera flyers are usually more experienced than the team camera flyers and will provide as good (if not better) a quality package as the Red Devils.

Please note; any requests for camera payment refunds due to jump cancellation or rebooking can be made by email and will be granted minus a £10 admin fee.

You must comply with the Parachute Centre’s rules at all times

If you have any questions about the above Terms and Conditions email or telephone 0845 608 8844.