Be treated like a VIP for the day

A VIP Tandem skydive with the Red Devils costs £600.  This includes the skydive with your own “VIP Red Devil team” of a Red Devil tandem instructor camera flyer and x2 ‘Swoopers”. After your jump you will be given digital photographs, a certificate and VIP tandem gift and sent a fully edited movie on DVD or as an HD file.  

The VIP Tandem skydive with the Red Devils experience

This unique event promises to be a once in a lifetime experience, giving you the star treatment from arrival.

The Team’s leader and Tandem instructors will personally welcome you and accompany you to complete your paperwork and to join the team introduction. After you will be given the option to have one to one training with your instructor or to join the group training session.  

Your training will include an introduction to the equipment and give you an idea of what to expect.  You will be taught various body positions and then asked to practice them.  You will then be introduced to the ground crew who will help you into your jumpsuit, hat, goggles, gloves and tandem harness.  They will look after you until it is your turn to jump. 

On the ‘flight line’ you will be introduced to your instructor and “VIP team”; a camera flyer and two team members who will join you as ‘Swoopers’ on your jump.  Whilst waiting your turn your instructor will revise your training, and check your and their equipment.  

Your camera flyer will film and photograph this and interview you about your jump, they will capture you boarding the aircraft, some parts of the ride.  They will be with you for your skydive and be there to film  your landing.  

At an altitude of between 10,000ft and 13,000ft you and your instructor will exit the aircraft followed by your VIP team. Two will dive and dock on during free-fall using coloured smoke to dramatic effect whilst you experience a thrilling 45 seconds of free-fall then an exhilarating canopy ride. Whilst your camera flyer films the whole experience.

After your jump and a short wait you will be given your exclusive VIP tandem moment, including a certificate, Red Devil gift usually a baseball cap or polo shirt depending on stocks and your still photographs on a USB stick or disc if you prefer.

You will be given the option of receiving your fully edited tandem movie on a DVD disc or an HD digital file, the will be posted or emailed to you within four weeks of your jump. 

To book your jump you can pay in full or pay a non refundable booking fee of £100, then the balance of £500 can be paid in one or two payments in full no later than one month before your jump date. 

Are you hoping to jump for charity?

If you are jumping for a charity you can pay for your own jump and then raise as much money as you can for any charity with no commitment to a minimum sponsorship target.

If you would like to use some sponsorship money to pay towards your jump you will need to discuss this with your charity.  Due to the cost of a VIP tandem skydive with the Red Devils we find that charities prefer not to cover the full balance cost of £500.  They prefer to pay the standard tandem balance of £200 if you raise a minimum target of £500 one month before your jump date then invite you to pay to upgrade your jump to a  VIP skydive for £300.    You are welcome to discuss the option with them of you raising £1000 minimum for them to cover the £500 balance.  Again please discuss these options with your charity before you commit to the jump and your fundraising.

Take a look at this full length Special VIP tandem skydive.

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