“A fantastic day! Impeccably organised – even the weather, perfect for jumping.
Sky-dive itself was just about the most exhilarating experience I’ve ever had; only complaint is that it was all over far too quickly!
Red Devil instructors were wonderful examples of the supreme professionalism in the cream of of our armed forces: they inspired total confidence. Any slight qualms I might have had before the day just evaporated as soon as they started briefing us.
Our guests who came to watch and support enthused about the day almost as much as Nick and I did.”
Geoff – Red Devils Jumper

“Thank you and your great team for making last Friday happen. Everyone had a fantastic time and a experience they will never forget. We have some great photo’s and the video’s are awesome! Many thanks again from all of us here at Disability Snowsport UK.“
Fiona Young – CEO, Disability Snowsport UK

“Wow! Skydiving is like nothing I have ever experienced before. What a brilliant present this was. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”
Anne-Marie Myers, Bournemouth

“..It was an amazing experience…and the whole team on the day were motivating”
Louise Rideout

“Having never been in a plane before this was a real challenge for me, but the staff were brilliant and my instructor kept me calm the whole way up and down! I’m really pleased I did this because I’ve also raised a lot of money for charity.”
Sarah Miles, Dorset

“Oh my God!!!!!!! What a thrill!!! Where do I sign up to go solo?!!”
Dave Hands, London

“I completed a tandem jump at Salisbury airfield. To quote Mike (my instructor) “Now you know why the birds sing!” What an amazing experience! I have been thinking about doing it for ages, and I am so glad I have eventually done it (wish I had done it sooner). Thanks to everyone who made it happen.
John Goodall, Nottingham

“I did my tandem parachute jump last weekend and just wanted to thank everyone, particularly Gordon (my instructor) and Ash (my cameraperson). I can’t wait to do it again!! I’m still scared of heights, but I found out that Gordon is too, and he’s done over 1000 jumps! I think we were so far up, it was difficult to see the ground!
Kylie Brown, Portsmouth

“I was in the Parachute Regiment in the last war when parachuting was a bit different to nowadays. It’s a while since I have jumped, but I’m 87 now and have just completed my first tandem skydive! It was so enjoyable when we were under the parachute, particularly as no-one was shooting at us!
Arthur Watts, Devon

“My Mum and Dad bought me this AFF skydive for my 16th birthday and it was awesome! I feel like now there’s nothing I can’t do if I put my mind to it. This is a big thanks to all who made it happen, especially my instructors! I definitely want to complete the course, hopefully before my next birthday.
Louise Thompson, Leeds

“After a couple of my friends did a tandem skydive, they urged me to jump as well. I never imagined myself skydiving and was extremely nervous that morning. My instructor must have known and made the experience fun and memorable. He held my attention so much that I hardly realised we were ready to jump out of the plane. Now my friends have talked me into an AFF course!”
Sarah Moore, Basingstoke

“I just did my first ever skydive and it was the best experience of my life, the DVD was amazing and the photos exceptional! Big thanks to my cameraman Dave and not forgetting my instructor Ryan who made it so special. The only problem now is both my kids are desperate to have a go now they’ve seen the video!”
Zoe Harper, Newbury

“My first two attempts were rained off but you know what they say, third time lucky! And I was! It was so worth the wait, and actually on the third attempt the weather was perfect which for England is amazing, so my advice to anyone is if at first you don’t get to jump don’t worry, you will and it will be worth it, mine was and I’ve already decided to do it again!”
Sue Finch, Chester