The Army Parachute Display team

The Army Parachute Display Team are made up of the Army Display teams; the Red Devils, Tigers, Silver Stars and the Lightning Bolts.  They each function as an authorised British Army Display team offering parachute displays to both the public and for military events.

For the first time in 2018 the four teams will come together for a special tandem event for the Royal British Legion.

Who are the teams?

The Red Devils

The Red Devils Army Parachute Display Team established in 1964, and have been the official parachute display team of the British Army and The Parachute Regiment since 1979.

The team are made up of 15 full time serving paratroopers, having served in battalion and ideally completed an operational tour team members are selected from an annual cadre and join the team for a 3-5 year posting.

As professional skydivers the team are recognised to be at the forefront of Canopy Formation Displays globally and are often requested to perform at international events. The Red Devils conduct around 350 tandem parachute descents and 60 public displays each year in the UK and internationally, into charity, sporting, military and social events.

You can book the Red Devils for a display by visiting their website

You can book a Tandem skydive with the Red Devils via Click and Jump.

The Tigers

The Tigers Freefall Army Parachute Display Team (PWRR) was established in 1986 and is comprised of 9 members of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment.

The Tigers have many various display routines, all dynamic in style and will hold you and your audience captivated throughout the entire routine.

The Tigers have carried out high-profile displays throughout Europe including delivering the independence speech to the Georgian parliament in 2016 to celebrate its independence from the former Soviet Union, opening the Danish national skydiving championships and opening the world military skydiving championships in Germany in 2017.

To book the Tigers for a display visit their website; 

The Silver Stars

The Royal Logistic Corps Silver Stars Army Parachute Display Team dates back to September 1963 and was the first army parachute display team to be established and currently comprises approx. 25 regular and reserve personnel.

Members of the Silver Stars (get together and perform their displays and) are drawn from the most experienced Corps sports parachutists serving in the United Kingdom. The team members are from all ranks and trades in the Corps, including the Army Reserve.

Find out more about the Silvers Stars displays by visiting their website;

The Lightning Bolts

Each member of the Lightning Bolts Parachute Display Team is a committed soldier and engineer. 
Established in 1966 the team are experienced in displays of all sizes, and have even starred in Hollywood blockbusters! 
They specialise in thrilling, high adrenaline shows, which allow crowds to watch in awe, 
as each jumper exits the aircraft, creates a visible formation, and then deploys their coloured parachute.
The team can cater for all displays types, from country fayres, to high profile festivals in both day, night, on land and into water.
The team has huge experience in Tandem jumping and promises a ride of your life. 
To enquiry about the Lightning Bolts Display team Click here.

Thank you to the Red Devils, Tigers, Silver Stars and Lightening Bolts for allowing Click and Jump to use your photographs and videos.