Closure of Click and Jump Limited

Closure of Click and Jump Limited
I write in relation to Click and Jump Limited. I am the Director of the business and am contacting you to confirm that it is no longer trading. The reason the business has ceased to trade is due to a lack of sales for the year of 2020 as a result of the current COVID -19 Pandemic and the inability to sell any Red Devil tandem events for 2021.

I can confirm that the business has no assets and no cash in the bank. As it has ceased to trade there are no prospects of any additional funds being introduced into the business. Therefore, there are no funds to formally liquidate the company.

Considering the above I intend to apply to strike off the business on 19 December 2020 as I am unable to raise the funds to liquidate the business. I would be grateful if you would confirm whether you intend to object to this. As you can see from the above there is no possibility of repayment of the debts owed.

Anyone that was booked to complete a tandem skydive through Click and Jump have now been sent emails detailing their options. If you have not had an email please do check your junk/spam email folder.  If you still cannot find an email please do contact us and we will resend the relevant email to you. 

You may have some options:

If you are booked to jump at one of the parachute centres (not with the Red Devils) you will have been emailed information about your jump and advised who you can contact about it and if you are able to attempt Option 1.  Option 2 is only available to Red Devil tandem bookings.

Option 1: *Where your debt relates to a customer deposit and you paid via credit/debit card you could contact your card provider as you may be able to recover the funds owed to you from them.

Option 2: **If your booking is for a Red Devil tandem skydive; the Red Devils are hoping to honour any tandems that have been sold on their behalf for 2020; this includes any rebooks from 2019 that were booked and on our ‘lists’ to jump in 2020.  If you have received emails this year then you were on our lists.

Charity bookings: If you are jumping for a charity and have paid your booking fee direct to them and not Click and Jump then you will not be able to claim back your booking fee or balance via your payment card and will automatically be added to the Red Devil’s tandem lists to be booked to jump. If you have any questions before the Red Devils contact you please do contact your charity contact who can also answer any fundraising questions that you may have.

Auction prize winners: Again because the payment you made was not to Click and Jump Limited you will not be able to claim the refund via your payment card. Your name will automatically be added to the lists for the Red Devils to contact.

*If you choose option 1.; to apply for a refund via your payment card your booking will automatically be cancelled and you will be removed from the lists that Click and Jump will provide the Red Devils, you will not be contacted by the team to rebook your jump.

**If you choose option 2.; to wait and hopefully jump with the team as soon as they can organise tandem events this may remove your ability to apply for a refund via your payment card.

Please note the Red Devils are entirely separate to Click and Jump Limited and are therefore not responsible for any refunds of money originally paid to Click and Jump Limited.

The team are currently on leave/temporary reassignment at this time so you may not hear from them straight away, yet they will endeavour to contact you once they have news about when they are able to plan their tandem skydive events and how they will proceed without Click and Jump acting as their agent.

The Red Devils will be provided with a list of tandem bookings which will include contact details for anyone who has not applied for a refund via their payment card and will be aware of what payments do and do not need collecting for each person on their list.

If you require any further information, you can email; for the next few weeks. I shall send you an alternative email to contact the Red Devils when this email address closes.

The Click and Jump telephone numbers are no longer in operation.

Yours sincerely

Sandy Wibrew
Click and Jump Limited