COVID-19 and skydiving – latest news

COVID-19 and skydiving – latest news

21 October 2020

We are still yet to hear anything from the Red Devils so no new dates at the moment, anyone who has a Red Devil booking will be contacted as soon as we do receive an update. If you would like to convert your Red Devil tandem skydive to a non Red Devil skydive then please do email us at

Due to the effects of not being able to properly trade in 2020 Click and Jump have decided not to take any new bookings for this year.  We will of course continue to look after existing bookings, if you have a question do email us at


11 September 2020

Not much has changed from the info added on 31 July 2020 so do see below.

For those with specific questions:

Red Devil tandem skydives

The Red Devils are yet to release their 2021 tandem dates therefore we advise that you wait for these dates to book.  If you had a 2020 Red Devil booking or voucher then do email if you have any questions.

Voucher purchases from 2020

If you have a tandem skydive gift voucher and have not contacted us to book your jump then please do so via email

Please do email us with any enquiries as we are not able to answer calls at this time.

31 July 2020

Hi there

Many parachute centres in England are now opening certainly on weekends and taking bookings.  This may change at any time so if you are thinking of booking a jump do consider that there is every chance your booking may be moved both for the usual ‘weather’ reasons and depending on the local COVID restrictions.  There are guidelines in place and the greatest care is being taken of jumpers to ensure the centres are safe environments following the restrictions set out by the British Parachute Association and the UK Government.

To complete a tandem skydive you will need a “neck tube” also known as a “snood” for example a Buff – a face mask would not be suitable as it is not likely to remain in place during the skydive.  If you do not have one you will need to purchase one from the parachute centre to take part in the jump.

If you have questions or a jump booked/in limbo then do contact Click and Jump by email;

The team at Click and Jump remain on Furlough at the moment however we are covering emails and online bookings, if you contact us do give us a little more time than normal to respond to you, if your enquiry is urgent please typed Urgent in the subject line.

We will not be monitoring the phones so  please do email your enquiries. 

If you have a Red Devil tandem skydive booked or would like to book a Red Devil tandem skydive then please read a message from the team below:


To anyone booked to complete a tandem skydive with the Red Devils Army Parachute Display Team in September.
MOD Home Command have prohibited the Red Devils from conducting any public engagements where social distancing is not possible and are not going to lift this until the UK is in the later stages of phase 2 going towards phase 1 of the government’s COVID response level.
This is to protect the public from the chance of contracting COVID from the team and to reduce the potential burden on the NHS caused by our activities.
To that end as it is physically impossible to socially distance during a tandem parachute decent The Red Devils are unable to conduct any tandem events and therefore we are forced to postpone your tandem skydive event planned for September.
We know this is disappointing we are equally frustrated by this decision.  We want to reassure you that as soon as we are able to go ahead with your event we shall, Click and Jump will be provided with alternative dates for Spring 2021 as soon as we can make them available and will contact you with re-booking information.
The Tandem Coordinator 
Red Devils Army Parachute Display Team
Emails have been sent to anyone booked to jump in September, if you have not received an email or you have further questions please do email;


The Team at Click and Jump



Updated 7 July 2020


Many parachute centres have completed/started jump trials are applying the advice given by the government and the British Parachute Association and are about to start opening for some tandem skydiving and student parachuting.  This is based on their facilities, staff and that they have everything they need in place to ensure that their staff, club members and visitors are safe.  Instructors will have their skydiving skills, updated, checked, and staff will be given training to ensure that they and visitors are safe from a COVID-19 this is all taking place now.

Therefore they will be taking bookings based on their centre capacity.  If you have a question about a specific centre then do drop us an email to; our phone lines will remain closed for the moment as our usual staff are still on Furlough.

We will ensure that anyone who has been booked through us already is contacted to find out what they wish to do and when.  Either we or the parachute centre you are booked with will send you information about how they are managing social distancing and their advice to you to ensure you and their staff are kept as safe as possible.

If you are booked to jump with the Red Devils, information will be sent to you in August about the September dates that we have rebooked everyone into including risk assessments, guidelines for at the centres etc.


Guidelines and information will be posted here soon once we have been given information from all the centres.



Updated 29 April 2020

Well, there is even less information now as there was when we last updated this page on 31  March 2020, although things are looking a little better and we can only hope things will get better soon…

Due to a significant reduction of bookings (none!) Click and Jump have had to admit defeat and take Furlough.  So we will not be able to continue at the same level of work as we have done in the past, we will not be able to take calls, however we do have a director who will be monitoring and responding to emails and continuing to ensure that our valued customers are kept informed about any changes.  We do appreciate your patience and support during this time, and as soon as we are able to we will return to work to ensure that any existing or new bookings are fully taken care of.

If you have questions please do email

Because we are positive people (I am sure you agree anyone that can spend weekend after weekend throughout the winter in the hope for a little blue sky can’t be glass half empty or we wouldn’t be there!) I am assuming the world will be normal soon and if your jump is in July or August we are hopeful by that time everything can go ahead.  Because we are also realistic planners if for any reason any events cannot go ahead then if a Red Devil booking your jump will be moved to the next available date (of course you will have a say in this!) if a booking with one of the parachute centres then we will consult you and the centre about the next date that would work for you.  Leading up until you do eventually jump we will continue to provide you with alternative dates and options to rebook for as long as we need to this year and if necessary for 2021.  We, Click and Jump, the Red Devils and the parachute centres will endeavour to ensure that your tandem skydive takes place as soon as the parachute centres are able to operate and it is safe for everyone.  In skydiving safety is always our main priority.  The epidemic is just another aspect of our usual safety precautions.
We will endeavour to keep in contact with you as government and the parachute centres decisions are made and keep you informed throughout the process.

These are uncertain times, we believe that they will only be as difficult as we let them.  By remaining calm, flexible and patient we can carry on and do the best we can.  Charities need as much support as they can get; most of their vital fundraising events will have been cancelled and postponed.  The parachute centres, Red Devils and Click and Jump are losing out on bookings to continue functioning as businesses and vital good weather days that are the bread and butter of the skydive industry; there are only so many potential tandem skydiving days in the year and March, April and May are a big part of that.   Rest assured as soon as the restrictions are lifted, and we have the right weather the parachute centres will re-open and get everyone jumped, so do consider booking your skydive if you haven’t already and support our businesses, otherwise we may not survive after this year….

If you are booked to jump with the Red Devils in April or May, they have been advised by “Home Command” not to conduct any tandems for the duration of April and the team have decided to postpone May’s tandems as well.

If you have a Red Devil tandem booked after May then please do be patient, no one really knows how things are going to go over the next few months so it is impossible to answer questions any further forward for the moment.  We will of course keep you up to date and send you regular emails leading up to your event.  We have other dates available later in the year and if needed have the ability to add dates in September and October.

If you have a jump booked at one of the UK parachute centres: In-line with the government guidelines all parachute centres will be suspending operations until further notice.  You will be emailed individually if you have an April or May bookings to confirm that this is the case.  If you have a preferred new date after July do let us know and we shall make your wishes known to the parachute centres. If you have a June booking we are waiting for further news and advice; we appreciate your patience.

If you are rebooking -you can either give us new dates that you would like to jump later in the year or we can put you in “limbo” until there is a better indication as to what is going to happen with regards to the virus and social distancing.

If you are jumping for charity  Take this opportunity to think outside of the box for your fundraising, contact your charity for fundraising ideas, and keep asking your friends and family to support you.  Make sure you have linked your online fundraising page with  here you can receive free donations for your charity event when you shop online – your friends and family can all do this and it will not cost them or your charity a penny.

If you have a voucher; Red Devil or Click and Jump The expiry date on your voucher will still stand.  The date is to book a date; not to physically jump so please do ‘book’ your jump via our website choosing a date(s) after July/August with alternative dates in September/October  2020.  This is especially important if your expiry date is this year, it means your voucher has been applied and you are ‘in the system’.  This is especially important if you have a Red Devil voucher for a 2020 tandem skydive.

Keep safe, be patient and hopefully this crisis will bring people together better as a community and be over sooner rather than later!