Fundraising for your charity skydive

It is becoming more and more difficult to reach your fund-raising targets.  This is partly due to everyone doing something for charity and flooding us all with countless requests for donations for various charitable challenges.  Of course the financial crisis of the last few years don’t help either but people are still spending money so the trick is to get them to give a few extra pounds to your cause in your name.

In most cases if you want to use fundraising to pay for your jump, you will pay your own booking fee – this is your contribution and commitment to the jump and it means the fundraising target can be slightly lower – usually £500 but still ensure that your cause will get over half of the money that is donated.

Always let the charity you are jumping for know that you are fundraising on their behalf.  They can provide you with some great advice and support for your fund-raising incl. sponsorship forms, collection tins etc.

Online fundraising

Have you set up an online fundraising page?  This is by far easier, cleaner and less open to abuse than using the old fashioned sponsorship forms.  Although Sponsorship forms do still have their place see* by fundraising online it means you can take advantage of social media, society’s inability to keep cash in their pocket anymore and in some cases it means you will get a £5 donation instead of a pound coin.  Bringing me on to one of the biggest advantages of fundraising online – you do not end up with buckets, envelopes, pockets and bags full of coins and cash that you have to ‘somehow’ get paid into the charity’s bank and allocated to your fundraising target.

It is just easier!!

Some advice for setting up your page;

> Use your name!!  Don’t just call your page “tandem skydive” because there are hundreds of people that do tandem skydive and it makes it more difficult for your sponsors to find the page. So use your name you could use “JoeBloggstandemskydiveforcancer” or something of that nature.  Do mention on your page if you are using some of the money donated to pay towards your jump.  State that you have paid £xxx on your donation and that the balance £xxx will be paid using some of the donations but only if you reach your target of £500 of online fund-raising.

> Use the space on the page to tell your story!  Do you have a personal connection to the cause or your event? Also use your photo – apparently on average people who personalise their page with a photo and a story raise more money than those that do not.  its about an additional 20 per cent.

>Use twitter, Facebook and all of the other social media sights to invite people to donate to your cause. – tell your supporters what you are doing and why.

>Don’t forget UK tax payers can claim tax back on their donations Charities could get the benefit of an extra 25 per cent for each donation you receive. Using online fund-raising makes this so much easier than trying to get people to write in their whole address….

>Fundraise after your event.  Some people want to see that you have done the event before they donate – get onto your social media pages add pictures, descriptions and sing your praises.

Manual fundraising

Of course using sponsorship forms has it’s place and you will find some people are not just comfortable using online fund-raising, payment etc. so do use manual sponsorship forms – get these from your charity and ensure that all the details are complete so that gift aid can be claimed for these donations.  Do pay this money into your online fund-raising accounts so that this money can be used as part of your total.  You can then send the sponsorship forms with details about how you paid the money in to your charity and they can claim the gift aid.

For any ‘collection’ money  see below for ideas; do contact your charity and find out if they prefer you to pay the money into your online fundraising account or into their bank account with your reference.

Alternative fundraising methods/collection

So your workplace, friends and families are flooded with people asking them to donate to their cause.  Getting a straight donation is a little more difficult now so get creative.

Here are a couple of our ideas:

>Bake sale – yep people love cakes and biscuits. You could even offer to deliver to their desk for a small fee.

>Make the teas and coffees – be the office drinks slave for a week (as long as they provide the necessary equipment you don’t want to be out of pocket.  For a small fee you could make the drinks and deliver them to people’s desks/canteen tables.

>Odd jobs– offer your friends, family, neighbours your time by; dog walking, baby sitting, wash cars, clean windows, dust and hoover houses, gardening, painting etc. – all for a fee that will go to your cause. Be creative!

>Tap up some local businesses and ask if you can put donation tins/buckets into their businesses, use posters etc.  Ask for donations, sponsorship, assistance with promoting your event.

>Ask your local supermarkets, department stores etc. if you can collect in their premises.

>Hold events – a meal, lunch, movie night with snacks, games evening and charge an entrance fee.

>Go for a night out on the town where every drink that is drunk a sum of money goes into the pot, every strike scored at bowling a pound goes into the pot etc.

>Swear jars at work and home…..

>Everyone has worn pink, red, jeans, dressed down at work what about a dress up day – everyone is encouraged to wear evening attire (appropriate to the business of course!) Or where PJS etc. for a donation. Get really creative and make your workplace fun!

>Get the kids involved, hold a teddy bear picnic, crafts event, party.


>Ask your local pub/cafe if they would allow you invite their clients to donate a sum of money when they buy.

If you have any other ideas that you think would be useful for this page please email them or post them to our Facebook and twitter pages using #fundraisingideas.