Lose weight to skydive

Lose weight to skydive?

Have you made a new years resolution?

What did you decide 2018 would be about for you?
Are you hoping to; lose weight? Stop smoking or drinking?  Eat healthier, live healthier?  Have you set it as a goal or is it half hearted? Are you just waiting to see if you manage it again this year?

Real life changing decisions can be hard!

Losing weight is bloody hard, especially if like me you love your food, refuse to make yourself go without and have a busy life that you struggle to fit the basics into without having to take time out to exercise or cook full on healthy from scratch meals.

What am I aiming for this year?

The usual; I need to lose weight, exercise more, drink more water, eat less ‘bad stuff’ and start being more positive oh and manage my time better so that I can do better at my business making it more successful.
So far we are just past the middle of January and I have done none of those things, they* say you have to be goal oriented, focus on those goals and really go for it.  They* also say that you need to incentivise and visualise the end results, really see what you can get out of achieving the goals, so I would look better, be healthier and feel less negative.
Then there is accountability, if someone holds you accountable for your goals and asks you why you are not doing what you said you would do; you can are more motivated.
*Who exactly are ‘They’? For me ‘they’ are a combination of friends, family, experts, business/life coaches and various journalists, authors and TV personalities. 

So what do I want to achieve?

Ultimately by achieving all of my goals (lose weight, exercise more, drink more water, be more positive, mange my time better) I would have a better self image, therefore be happier, and feel less out of control.  I guess somewhere in my fogged brain I believe I can be better at everything if I feel better about myself.
So here is my statement:  “I am not going to have a new years resolution, I am not going to say I need to lose weight.”
So for 2018….
…”My goal is to do more exercise, get back into cycling and running, drink more water and eat healthier; so that I can be healthier and feel better about myself. I am going to manage my time better so that I can achieve those and my business goals.”
I am going to set aside the distractions, stop faffing and get working on my goals!


So why am I talking to you about goals, resolutions and making myself accountable to you?

I am thinking I can help you with some motivation and in turn motivate myself.

If you are aiming to lose weight/be healthier why don’t you use a skydive as an incentive?

There are recommended height to weight ratios that are considered to be healthy.  Why don’t you take a look at what these are use them as something to aim for, book a skydive for later in the year, sign up to our “Lose weight to skydive Facebook group” and newsletter and let’s support each other in our goals!

If you do not achieve your goal ready for the date you have booked it can be moved with enough notice and you have up to a year to complete your skydive giving you plenty of time to get there.

When you complete your skydive having achieved your goal weight/fitness you will be sent a special certificate and gift recognising your achievement not just to skydive but recognising the journey you have taken to get there.

4 Steps!

Step 4. Sign up to the Lose weight to skydive letter
Happy Goal setting!

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Who am I?

I am Sandy and I am a director at Click and Jump.  I have one daughter who is in primary school, a dog (the key to my world) and a husband (best bud, love of my life for 20 years) who loves his extreme sports and helped set up Click and Jump.  I took over as a director when my husband pursued a new (more lucrative) career.  I love cycling, walking with my dog, reading and have recently re-found music – I am learning to play the piano (badly of course!).  I love food, everything sweet, have kicked a diet coke addiction and am trying to remove sugar from my life (and failing!).