Red Devils in the news

The Red Devils have been in the news a lot recently!

All positive and all reasons to complete a tandem skydive with the official display team of both the British Army and Parachute regiment, the world famous Red Devils.

Red Devils England Rugby shirt launch

The most recent and impressive being the surprise unveiling of the new  England Rugby World Cup 2015 shirt. The team jumped onto Stonehenge and surprised 3 very lucky competition winners then whisked them away to take them on a tandem skydive and unveil the new shirt at 12,000ft.  There are some amazing photographs and an awesome movie: Launched by The Loyal.

The hype from 19 June was partly due to some very over enthusiastic news reporters who perhaps used words that wowed their readers/viewers about an incident at White Haven Air Show in Cumbria. Although it was daring and dangerous, when you watch the team they underplay the act as a routine – a sign of the huge modesty and lack of pre madonnas within the team.

The two team members; Cpl Mike French and Cpl Wayne Shorthouse had planned to join canopies as part of the display and land in a designated water landing area.  However what happened was the lower canopy being flown by Cpl Mike French wrapped around Cpl Wayne Shorthouse and instead of bouncing back as canopies are usually known to do remained wrapped.  At that height and considering the planned water landing the two team members decided it was safer to remain linked and land in the water rather than separate and open a reserve parachute.  Together they navigated to an area not far from the designated landing area and safely entered the water.  The ‘pick up crew; collected them shortly after landing and in The Parachute Regiment style rode a lap of honour waving to the crowds in the pick up boat.

The team were surprised by how the media took hold of the story. It was one of the most reported stories in the world on 20 June 2015.  They were interviewed by many news stations in the UK, USA, Australia etc. it was a media frenzy!  Click and Jump spent much of the week directing people to the Red Devils’ website and Facebook page for the teams statement. This and many links to various interviews can be viewed on the Red Devils Freefall Display Team‘s Facebook page.

* The team appeared on the One Show along side Lionel Richie, I think this was quite a personal highlight!

Red Devils meet Lionel Richie

* Sgt Barry Loftus and Cpl Wayne Shorthouse were interviewed about the incident.  They also showed a movie where This Morning’s Runner; Anthony Brown joined the Red Devils for a tandem skydive.  Anthony did a great job he was a fantastic tandem student and great fun on the ground.  Take a look at the interview and movie; This Morning Tandem skydive

Parachuting is not without it’s dangers and the more ‘flashy’ you become the more danger there is, it is why many people love the sport and take those risks.

The Red Devils are highly trained, professional and all round great guys.   They work as the team they are and take safety seriously, putting procedures in place and maintaining their equipment to a very high standard.  The training the Red Devils receive is the best it can be, giving the the team the tools they need to do a fantastic job, in their displays and when holding their tandem events.

So why do a tandem skydive with he Red Devils?  Because they are the best!

red devils charity skydive free fall 2

Red Devils Tandem skydive