Jump for a charity

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Maybe you could “Jump for a charity?”

Skydiving has long been accepted as a popular and effective method of raising funds for charity. By placing oneself in an unfamiliar and challenging environment (and to many an unenviable one), there is considerable scope to encourage financial pledges in favour of your chosen cause from family, friends and work colleagues. Such extreme activities should not be undertaken lightly, however rest assured the British Parachute Association dropzones that we recommend have excellent safety records.

So Jump for a charity and discover what it is to truly live in a moment!

The Click and Jump team have jumped, lived and worked around skydiving for many years (secretly some of us for about 20 years…) Click and Jump has been helping charities offer skydives as a fundraising event for over 10 years and we pride ourselves in working with our charity partners to ensure you get the best possible experience -the most difficult part being the fund-raising!!

Here is how to get started..

1. Decide which charity you wish to jump for!  This may seem obvious but can be a hard decision!

2. Book your jump with Click and Jump, indicate which charity you wish to jump for and we can provide you with any fundraising information you need.  You can book via this website or if you prefer to speak to a human call: 0845 6088844.

3. Find out from your charity’s page on this website or their own website what their fundraising target is which online fundraising pages they recommend you use for your fundraising.  (Click and Jump will advise you of this information in your booking confirmation)

4. Set up your online fundraising page;  it is easier than you imagine it is going to be, take it slowly and step by step.  Then send your friends and family the link to that page to make donations on your behalf.  Each site will help you to: add links to the social media sites, make up email signatures and even send emails to all your friends via your address book.

5. Decide if you wish to use fundraising to pay for your jump balance or if you wish to pay for your own jump:

5a. To pay for your own jump; You can pay in full at booking or you can pay a booking fee then pay balance a month before your jump, or NEW for 2015 you can now pay for your jump in 2 or 3 instalments via Click and Jump.  Usually if you pay for your own jump there is no minimum fundraising target so you can raise what you can.

5b. To pay for your jump through fundraising:

If you would like to use some of your sponsorship money to pay for your tandem then you need to raise a minimum sponsorship target usually of £500 not including gift aid -some Charities have different fundraising targets, contact us or look at charity’s page listed below to find out what your charity is looking for.

Most of our charities ask that you pay your own reservation fee of £50 (If jumping with the Red Devils this is £100) and the balance cost of your jump can be taken out of your sponsorship money if you raise a minimum of £500. Do confirm with your charity that you would like to use your fundraising to pay for your jump.

You need to reach your fundraising target BEFORE your jump – aim to reach half of your target halfway between booking and your jump date, then the full amount by about a month before your jump.

Monitor your fundraising and if you are struggling to reach your target give Click and Jump or your charity a call for some advise.

Please ensure that anyone sponsoring you is aware that some of the money they donate on your behalf is to pay for your jump balance.

Take a look at our fundraising tips and advice for some ideas and how to get started with your fundraising.

6. Go and jump!

Upcoming Click and Jump fundraising events

Here are some of the dates that we have lined up for charity skydives. If there is one you would like to participate in please get in touch with us and we will get you booked in.

Can’t decide who to jump for?

Here’s a little information about some of the charities that Click and Jump have partnered up with. If the charity you wish to jump for is not listed this is not a problem, let us know and we can find out the information that you need.

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