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Ever wanted to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane?


If you’re looking for the ultimate challenge then solo skydiving is what you’re after. For the person who has already done a tandem jump, or someone who knows that they want to learn to skydive themselves.

There are two ways of learning to skydive: Static Line and Accelereated Free Fall. Both involve a days full training on the ground where you will learn the things you need to know about your jump – how to exit the aircraft, how to control your body in the air, how to fly and safely land your canopy. Once you have succesfully completed your training you can do your first jump and begin your life as a skydiver.

The quickest program for learning to skydive.

Full course consists of 8 skydives (Levels 1-8). However, there is an option to do just the Level 1 skydive if you want a one-off solo skydive experience.

Minimum of 6 hours ground school training for the Level 1 skydive, during which you will be taught how to dive from the aircraft, fly your body in a stable position, open your own parachute and fly it safely to the ground.

Once you are trained, up you go to 12,000ft or more, and do it for real!

Throughout your freefall descent (approx 45 seconds) you will have an instructor on either side assisting and coaching you where necessary.

Once you have completed Level 1, it is easy to continue with the rest of the course, right through to Level 8. At that point you are qualified to skydive by yourself!

Please note most drop zones hold their ground schools mid week and not on the weekend

Click and Jump can arrange either type of first jump course, click one of the links below to get more information:

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